What is Domain & Page Authority and Does it Really Matter in SEO?

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Domain and page authority have gradually become the defining factors to your overall Seo performance for your online presence.

E-commerce and content marketing have proliferated for a couple of decades. Opening new horizons for businesses, the internet provides enormous opportunities for entrepreneurs to enlarge their enterprise on a global scale.

If you are running a blog or any online business, you would know the importance of Seo in ranking on SERPs. It plays a pivotal role in launching your website to gaining massive traffic

Do you want to know how well your website is ranked on the Google search results? Follow this article as I am going to underscore some interesting ideas.

Some basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization

Let’s move step by step to draw a bigger picture in your mind. First things first, what is Seo? How would you define it? 

Have you ever thought, how does Google decide which page should come on the top and which should come next and so on?

There are enough blog posts and informational articles on the internet, you may find them by Google search. I will try to enhance your understanding of the subject matter. 

You see, there are billions of web pages indexed by Google. The story dates back to when Tim Berners Lee published his first website for the worldwide web. 

By the time Google entered the race, the number soared up to 2 million. And now it has reached a gigantic number of 1.88 billion, according to Statista.


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Now, you may say, how does Google manage the bulk of indexed websites? The answer is SEO.

The more Seo-friendly your website is, the better is its ranking on Google. They have developed advanced algorithms for search results and made it possible for us to hint at some key techniques to increase the ranking. 

Putting it in simple words, It is a set of techniques that helps to enhance your website’s position on Google  

Although Google has kept secret its ranking factors, we know these factors through trial and error.

Now, the question arises, how would you gauge your Seo performance and your website linking?

The answer is, through Domain Authority.  Let’s see what it entails.

How to Define Domain Authority?

It is a popular metric developed by Moz, a search engine tools provider, which gauges your Seo performance and website ranking. DA pertains to a complete website and it fluctuates with SEO factors.

What is Page Authority?

Like DA, page authority is also a ranking factor but it tells the ranking of a singular web page. It is interesting to see that web pages’ authority combining affects the domain authority of a website.

How to calculate DA and PA?

If you want to know where your website stands against billions of webpages, you have to check domain authority. DA and PA scores range from 0 to 100. These scores are relative. It means they depend upon your competitors’ scores. You can calculate your DA and PA scores by using Moz Link explorer.

Why some webmasters and experts are against their use?

Some people argue that DA and PA do not have a substantial effect on ranking because Google does not endorse them.


They argue that gauging the ranking of a website is not that simple as Moz does. Moz actually finds the DA and PA based on almost 40 factors, of which the total number of links and root domains are the few.

When compared to Google these factors are much small in number. Moreover, it is quite a simple way to find a complex thing. 

However, Google takes into account more than 200 factors, as they have been indexing websites since 1993. They have developed many complex algorithms like Rank Brain which uses ever-changing AI to determine page rank. 

Therefore, it almost becomes useless to determine ranking with a single DA or PA metric.

Another reason behind their claim is that these scores can be manipulated just as Google ranking can be manipulated through Black hat Seo.

In addition, DA/PA scores change when Google releases its algorithms updates. So, it does not seem reliable and worth focusing on.

Though their claims are appropriate, they do not tell the whole story. Let’s see if DA and PA really affect Seo.

Do Domain and Page Authority really matter for SEO?

The answer is a blunt yes.  First of all, let’s see what it actually is. Moz, who provided these scores never claims to make these tools perfect for knowing your website ranking.

It is a Prediction:

You can take these scores as a prediction and not as solid factors. Even Moz says,” Domain Authority is not a Google ranking factor and has no effect on the SERPs.

But you can use them to compare the ranking strength of two or more websites or to predict how well your website will perform on the search results.

Moz uses machine learning algorithms and analyzes how many times your website comes in search results. And on this basis, it provides a ranking score between 0 to 100.

Moreover, Domain authority and page authority focuses on the number of links to your website or webpage. These links definitely affect your ranking position on Google. 

And it is evident, from these high domain authority websites:


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As calculated by a DA checker, Facebook and Youtube show the highest domain authority due to enormous external and backlinks. 

The number of links plays a vital role in ranking, and DA calculates those links. So, Domain authority and page authority is cardinal in finding the SERPs ranking. Thus, they help in improving SEO.

A way out

The best way to use these metrics is, in combination with other ranking factors. Relying only on them for ranking predictions is not accurate. There use these factors along with other ranking factors.

In addition, when focusing on link-building finds the most relevant links because Google will check your context and match and give your website a boost if it matches.

Wrapping Up

You need to grasp a sound knowledge of SEO to rank your website and flourish your online business. For this purpose, you must understand the concept of Domain and page authority as they are the stepping stones in this field.

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