10 Best Websites & Apps to Earn Money by Playing Pubg (+Bonus Tips)

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There are many players interested in earning money online by playing PUBG. One of the games available since 2015 is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), released mainly for the android platform and has progressively evolved over time, occupying an important place among video game fans.

Until 2021 the game was paid, however, it was released and is available for free, although only those who paid the initial fee will have access at the moment. According to the data collected, there are already more than 20 million downloads and it is one of the most retransmitted through streaming platforms.

In this tutorial, you will learn everything about the best apps and websites to earn money by playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, how much money you can earn, and ways to increase your income.

Players Who Making Huge Money by Playing PUBG

So let’s have a look at on…Some Top pubg mobile players make thousands of millions in a month by playing pubg mobile.

  1. Carryislive (Ajey Nagar – India)
  2. Soul Mortal (Naman Mathur – India)
  3. Dynamo gaming (Aditya Sawant – India)
  4. Luxxy – Zuxxy (Indonesia), And thousands more have made a career in pubg mobile by playing it.

That won’t be less than proof to you. Like them, you too can earn a good income online by playing pubg and making a career. 

In this post, I will tell you the 10 Best websites and applications from which you can earn money by playing pubg. Along with this, I will also give you a bonus Tip so that you can earn more by playing pubg mobile.

The 10 eSports platforms below are available both as a website and application. You can use them in any format, website, or application, which you like.

So let’s know about these proven and tested ways.

Best Websites & Apps to Earn Money by Playing PUBG

It’s included some websites and applications where you can participate in multiple contests and win money and rewards. These tournaments are Free or Paid both available.

Tip:-If you invite your friends or anyone else on these websites and apps by your promo code, you will get some referral earnings. This offer is available on all apps and websites.

1. Playerzon

Playerzon is an online portal that offers you to play pubg mobile and win real money and rewards. Playerzon was founded and launched on 7 November 2018. Playerzon was developed by two young minds from Gujrat, India.

Users can play multiple games like pubg mobile, Free fire, etc. And Earn rewards based on your performance. Users can also join custom Rooms and get rewards for Chicken dinner, and also for each kill you score. Give it a try.

Playerzon Pros:

  1. 5,00,000+ players already joined
  2. 4.5+ user rating
  3. 6000+ match completed
  4. Over $101104 rewards distributed

Available Money Withdrawal Options: Paytm transfer, bank transfer, and Google pay.

  • Use My Refer code VishalMeenaa & get ₹20 extra on sign up

2. ChallengerMod


ChallengerMod is our last and very popular eSports platform. They provide the perfect solution for Pubg players to earn money by PUBG mobile.

This platform is available in website and app, both formats.

ChallengerMod achievements:

  1. 800 matches played every day
  2. $20000 prize money distributed
  3. 4 years old platform

Available Money Withdrawal Options: Paytm, phonePe, and Google pay.

3. 121GameOn

121GameOn is also an eSports platform where you can Earn money and rewards by playing pubg mobile, and HEARTHSTONE. There are 20+ Tournaments in a day, you can participate in them, as much as you want.

If you get more kills or chicken dinner, you will win extra money.

121 GameOn Pros:

  1. Multiple gaming options
  2. Fully automated tournament every hour
  3. 1V1 tournament available
  4. Live support with 24/7

Available Money Withdrawal Options: Direct bank transfer

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4. Pixlona

Pixlona is another great platform for PUBG players. Pixlona is India’s biggest eSports platform, through which you can participate in Pubg mobile tournaments and earn real money and rewards for every kill by playing PUBG.

Pixlona also offers you to play other games like Free fire, to earn money and rewards.

Pixlona Pros:

  • The high per kill rate
  • Mega prize for Chicken dinner
  • 20,0000+ Happy Users
  • $1000+ Payout
  • 2000+ matches completed

Available Money Withdrawal Options: Direct to your Paytm wallet

5. StarWar

StarWar is the ultimate eSports platform. This website is also good for playing pubg mobile and winning real money and rewards by participating in Live tournaments.

They currently supported Pubg mobile, ludo king, free fire, wcc2, and more games in the future. So if you can make money by playing other games as well.

StarWars Pros:

  1. Multiple gaming options
  2. 4.9 user rating
  3. Live support

Available Money Withdrawal Options: Paytm, phonePe, and Google pay

6. Toornament.com

Toornament.com is another online eSports Portal with high-paying tournaments. The tournament was launched in August 2017 for PUBG players who want to make money by playing PUBG on mobile.

A tournament is also a great platform for players as they pay a high amount per kill and chicken dinner.

Tournament Pros:

  1. Design for eSports
  2. $2000+ Payout to players
  3. 1V1 tournament available
  4. 4+ user rating

Available Money Withdrawal Options: Direct bank transfer, Google pay

7. Gamerz Arena

Gamerz Area is another trusted online eSports Portal. You can earn real cash by playing pubg matches. Gamerz Area was launched in Jan 2017.

You can play other games like Fortnite, call of duty, and more to make money.

Gamerz Arena Pros:

  1. 50000+ downloads
  2. 4+ user rating
  3. Recommend by YouTubers

Available Money Withdrawal OptionsPaytm, UPI

8. UltimateBattele

UltimateBattele is the fastest growing eSports online portal. They simplify eSports by offering novice and pro players a level playing field with the multi-format and multiple leagues.

Also, UltimateBattele offers many payment withdrawal options compared to other platforms.

UltimateBattele Pros:

  1. 11,228+ matches played
  2. ₹1203596 payout
  3. 40,149+ users counted

Available Money Withdrawal Options: Mibikwik, Paytm, Freecharge, and Ola money.

9. Pubg Warfield

Pubg Warfield is an also eSports-based platform for players who are interested to play and win. Pubg Warfield also offers you to play other battle games to earn money and win rewards. Pubg Warfield was launched in 2017.

Pubg Warfield Pros:

  1. Not allowed for under 13
  2. 50,000+ monthly visits
  3. $1000+ payout 
  4. 34,000+ players

Available Money Withdrawal Options: PhonePeTEZ (Google pay)Paytm.

10. Gaming Monk

Gaming Monk is another eSports platform based out of New Delhi, India. They currently have 2 verticals – Offline Tournaments and an Online eSports Portal. Offline Tournaments are held across India covering 8 cities. So far with an expansion plan by covering 16 cities by next time. Gaming Monk online eSports Portal was launched in August 2017, with the idea of bringing the tournament’s experience online.

Gaming Monk Pros:

  1. Multiple gaming options
  2. 50,000+ players already joined
  3. High winning prize

Available Money Withdrawal Options: Paytm, and Google pay

Proven Ways to Earn Money by Playing PUBG

Here is the list of ways to earn money with PUBG:

  • PUBG tournaments online
  • Sell ​​in-app items for cash
  • Play PUBG at Lan events
  • Earn money on live streaming
  • affiliate marketing
  • Become a PUBG Trainer

Bonus Tip: Start a Gaming Based YouTube Channel and Earn

So I have told you the 10 Best Websites and Apps to earn money and rewards by playing pubg mobile. My bonus Tip is that Start gaming on based YouTube channel.

Believe me, YouTube is a great platform to make money online from gaming or other niches as well if you upload quality videos consistently and soon you can make money from youtube.

You all know that YouTube is a very popular platform to make money online, mainly for gamers. All popular Pubg players like Carry Minati, Soul Mortal, Luxxy-Zuxxy, and many more, started from YouTube. As I mentioned above.

Like all of these, you too can create a YouTube channel based on the gaming platform. If you upload regular quality content on YouTube, you will get monetization enabled on YouTube as soon as possible.

You will be invited to the Tournaments, by the official Pubg mobile community, when you increase your fan following on YouTube or other popular platforms.

Other hand, if you do live Pubg mobile streaming on YouTube, then your fans give you Superchat. Which is very good for you, because you make money at home just playing pubg mobile. In this way, you can Earn a passive income by playing for only 2- 3 hours in a day.

Watch below given video:


So, friends, I told you about the best Websites and apps, where you can play in multiple Pubg tournaments, to earn money and rewards.

Along with this I also told you about the Pubg mobile gaming-related YouTube channel, how can you increase your fan following Earn money as soon as possible, and start a good earning by playing pubg mobile?

I hope this article on websites and apps by playing PUBG mobile with bonus trick, helps you. If you still have any questions or problems in your mind, feel free to comment to me.

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