How To Check If the Blog is Copied from Internet (Plagiarism Checker)

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Internet can be blessing or problem depending on how you use it. Imagine you are a blogger and you put up your best work for the webpage for which you have worked so hard. Did your research and put in all the effort in writing it with concentration just to find that someone has copied all your hard work and put it up as their own. 

This is practically heard breaking but how will you know that the content you wrote is been copied and posted by someone else in the 1st place. 

There are a lot of WebPages on Internet that are providing  services to make sure that the content is not copied and if it is you can get informed about it so that you don’t put it up on your website as it is plagiarised content and Google and Internet take it very seriously 

Following is the list of Best Plagiarism Checker Tools that can help you with checking if the blog is copied or fresh 


editpad plagiarism checker

It’s an excellent plagiarism checker that can inform you whether your blog content has been copied . It analyses search engine data to determine whether the material is unique or contains any evidence of plagiarism.

It recognises all three types of plagiarised content.

  • Paraphrased
  • Done by mistake
  • Copied 

The functionality of this plagiarism checker is pretty smooth. In a matter of seconds, you can get your material checked for plagiarism by following a few simple procedures.

1. Copy and paste the blog into the supplied input box, or use the SELECT FILE tab to select a file from your local storage and upload it.

2. You’ll get a Google Chrome extension tab that makes it easier to check if your blog is copied 

3. It guarantees that the blog you’re viewing is safe and secure, and that your intellectual property isn’t being copied in any way.

4. To save the complete report for future use, click on download report and save it in PDF or HTML format.

5. Information that has been tainted by plagiarism will be underlined, and the source will be disclosed. There is a percentage granted to unique and plagiarised content 

6. If you receive content with plagiarism, use the MAKE IT UNIQUE tab to access our plagiarism prevention tool, which will enable you totally avoid plagiarism and safeguard your reputation and dignity.

7. You can also use these apps on your phone.

Not only bloggers but Students, academics, professors, and professional content writers can all benefit from the plagiarism checker.

2. Check-plagiarism

plagiarism checker

With new blog writers entering the writing world every day you’ll need a powerful plagiarism checker, which Check Plagiarism provides.

Put all of the information in the plagiarism checker, which gives you 10k to 15k words each search for free.

If your blog content exceeds this limit, you may always upgrade to a premium account, which will provide you limitless word checking in seconds.

You will have many file alternatives from which to choose, allowing you to review each blog and ensure that your blog content update is free of plagiarism. Doc., docx, txt, and pdf files are all accepted.

Check plagiarism is like magic. It’s quite simple to use and comprehend. If you wish to present it in a meeting, it can also generate reports.

Check plagiarism is a must-have for new brands, as it will assist keep any plagiarised content in check and help maintain brand reputation.

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