How to Deactivate Instagram Account Temporarily or Permanently – 2023

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Do you need to take a break from Instagram or take a break to decide if you want to continue on the social network? Today, we are going to explain how to deactivate your Instagram account temporarily or permanently. In its options, Instagram only allows you to temporarily deactivate your account. But what if you want to delete Instagram permanently? In this case, you have to know another slightly more hidden procedure.

The procedure is pretty easy. In this hidden option to delete your account forever, you will be told that you have certain days to repent, around two months. When you finish the process, the Instagram session will be closed on all devices, and all you have to do is not log in again so as not to cancel it, and from the day indicated, your account will be deleted.

Therefore, you must be completely sure that you prefer to delete the account instead of temporarily deactivating it. So we will learn step by step how to deactivate an Instagram account permanently or temporarily.

So let’s know how to delete your Instagram account permanently or temporally.



How to Deactivate Instagram Account Temporarily

  • Step 1: First, Log in to your Instagram account through any browser (Do not use the app).
  • Step 2: Now go to your profile and click on edit profile and scroll down until you see the Temporarily disable my account option.
  • Step 3: On the next page you need to enter your password and the reason why you are disabling your Instagram account. Once done, all you have to do is click on the Temporarily disable the account button.
  • Step 4: Now all done. Your photos, comments, and likes will be hidden until you decide to reactivate your account. When you log in to your account again, it will be reactivated automatically.

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How to Deactivate or Delete an Instagram Account Permanently

  1. Log in to your Instagram account from any browser, again no need for an Instagram app.
  2. Now go to permanently delete your Instagram account page. Here is the link to go:
  3. On this page, you need to enter the reason for leaving Instagram and the password of your account. Depending on the answer, Instagram will offer you an alternative solution in case it can convince you to stay.
  4. Now simply click on the permanently delete your account button. If you don’t log back in until the day the website tells you, your photos, comments, likes, friends, and all your data will be permanently deleted and you can’t get them back.

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Can I deactivate or delete my Instagram account from the mobile app?

You can’t delete your account from the Instagram app, so you’ll need to log in to from a web browser on your desktop or mobile device to follow the process of deactivating or deleting an Instagram account.



How can I download my data before deleting my Instagram account?

There are several ways to download Instagram photos and all data before deleting the account, but here is the easiest method:

  1. Go to Instagram and log in through the app or PC.
  2. Go to your profile, choose the hamburger icon and click on Settings.
  3. Simply search “Download Data” which is normally under Security, but you can use the search box as well.
  4. Within Download Data, you will see a “Request Download” button.
  5. Hit that button to download all your Instagram data before deleting your account.

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