How to Make a Cool Logo for Your Blog with DesignEvo – 2023

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Making a marvelous logo for your blog, web startup, business, or brand shouldn’t be excessively overwhelming and complicated. There have been some unbelievable online drawing tool for logo makers that have significantly worked on our lives in countless 

Assuming you’re searching for a fast and simple method for producing an incredible logo, look no further than logo maker that you can access from practically any computer operating system since it is web-orientated. 

I wish just a couple of speedy mouse clicks, and you’ll have your cool logo in no time.

DesignEvo Overview

Although you can surely employ an expert designer or host a logo contest online to have a genuine person make a logo for you, in some cases, you simply need something excellent at a portion at a cost and prepared to use surprisingly fast.

PerlMountain Technology powers the web-based logo creator tool at DesignEvo. In excess of 10,000 amazing logo templates, each individual can make a cool logo surprisingly fast regardless of whether you’re a designer or not!

Rather than getting you to depict in words how you need your logo to look — which can be greatly challenging for those who aren’t really all that graphically slanted or prepared — the application shows the ready-made templates at the beginning. You can find inspiration from these templates. 

As may be obvious, the logo templates look strikingly professional and proficient since genuine designers design them all. You can customize them using extraordinary symbols and icons, replacing the fonts and colors in designs.

Features of DesignEvo

Here are some awesome features of DesignEvo:

  • It has a clean interface that makes the tool very simple to use. Even if you are a beginner in design, you can control it well to get a cool logo.
  • It won’t take the risk of taking much space of your computer since it is online. You don’t need to worry that you don’t have enough space to install the tool. Everything is done online. 
  • It offers a large number of templates, and all of them are professionally designed. You can easily and quickly get started and make your cool logo with a few clicks.
  • With the millions of icons, hundreds of fonts, other resources, and the flexibility features in DesignEvo, you can make your logo unique.
  • It’s very time-saving and convenient to preview the design on your blog.
  • With multiple logo formats and large sizes to download, you can use the logo for your social media profiles, websites, building hall, etc.      

Make A Cool Logo Within Seconds

There is definitely no commitment by any means to spend a solitary dime to check DesignEvo’s logo creator out. You possibly pay when you are happy with the final logo and need to pay for the logo files. 

To use DesignEvo, you’d better register an account first. It allows users to get a DesignEvo account using an email address or straightly log in with their Google account or Facebook account. Let start with the logo design then.  

Step 1. Pick a logo template

pick a logo template - DesignEvo

DesignEvo logo maker comprises a couple of web-based utilities that walk you through every step. It begins with choosing a logo design from more than 10,000, divided into different categories with different styles. This provides the ideas of the sort of logo design you’re attempting to achieve. 

However, if you already have a blog logo idea in mind, you can easily start from a blank template. And make every editing according to your own design idea. Here I’d love to choose a template to start my logo creation.

Step 2. Make changes

make changes in your logo - DesignEvo Logo Maker

You likewise make changes to the color, text, font, background, and more in the chosen template. You can also choose an icon or illustrations to personalize your logo. The icon library of DesignEvo boasts more than 1,000,000 icons, so you’ll definitely find one that meets your needs. 

Looking through the accessible icons and symbols is simple. You will be given some important watchword ideas when you initially show up.

However, you can straightforwardly type your keywords to find exactly what you need. The images range in intricacy, yet they’re totally intended to be vector-accommodating with the goal that your final logo can be printed out at a large resolution.

The font is also very important to a logo. So choose a font for your blog logo from the hundreds of preset ones in DesignEvo. And then adjust the color, size, position, and more by simply using the dragging and dropping options.

It’s very flexible to adjust the spacing, opacity, outline, shadow, grow, offset, etc., of the text. What I love most in its text part is the curve feature in the tool. It offers a wide selection of classical fonts and a large list of art fonts. Just browse them and apply the desired one to your design.

In terms of DesignEvo’s shapes section, you can freely pick one, using it as an icon. Alternatively, you can choose a rectangle shape, adjust the opacity, and use it as a text background to emphasize the selected text.

If you want a background for your blog logo, set one using a solid color or just gradient color. Do it according to your liking. There are countless possibilities, and it really depends exactly how much tweaking you want to make. 

Step 3. Preview and download

preview and download your awesome logo - DesignEvo Logo Maker

You think the logo looks great, but you are just wondering how does it look like on your blog? Don’t worry! Clicking on the preview button at the right top of the tool, you will get an overview of how will your logo look like on your blog.

If you truly like the final logo, click the download button to download it for free. But you can only get a low-resolution logo with a free download. Pick its paid logo packages to get a larger logo image or vector format. 

Pricing of DesignEvo Logo Packages

DesignEvo Pricing

Unlike many other tools on the marketing, DesignEvo isn’t a subscription tool. It is priced as per logo project, not a logo. As you can see from its pricing page, the free logo package only allows you to download a small resolution of 300p x 300p. 

If you choose the paid logo packages, you will get the high-resolution logo file for printing, and you can re-edit the logo project and re-download it unlimited times. This is great to get a satisfying logo definitely. What’s more, the Plus logo package even gives you copyright ownership and allows you to download vector files and font files. This is only $49.99. 

Conclusion: The Best Logo for Your Blog

In addition, to have a real-time preview when editing your logo, DesignEvo also lets you see how it’ll look on T-shirts, blog websites, business cards, etc. 

Having gone through the various benefits and features that DesignEvo offers, the DesignEvo Plus logo package also offers copyright ownership.

Your logo will probably be one of the primary things individuals will see. Pause for a minute to make a beeline for DesignEvo and try out DesignEvo logo maker while also ensuring you have a cool logo to address your blog simultaneously. Ensure it’s a decent one. That is simply savvy.

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