13 Ways to Market Yourself as a Real Estate Agent

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Promoting yourself and your properties is amongst the most important things that you will do as a real estate agent. You want to get yourself and what you have to offer out there to as many people as possible. 

More to the point, you want to focus these promotions to those who are more likely to be interested. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can engage in real estate marketing. Here is a partial list. 

1. Website

Of course, a website is an absolute must, and you should ensure that it is mobile-friendly. Consider adding videos showing walkthroughs of your properties, drone shots that show them from above as well as other drone shots that show the neighborhood and nearby attractions.

eXp Realty is a perfect example of a great Real Estate website. For example, if there are properties in Blairsville GA, they have the perfect page of eXp Realty Blairsville GA with all the necessary details.



Virtual staging apps can also be considered. All of that should be in addition to detailed descriptions of your properties as those will help others trust you and save everyone’s time. 

Another idea to consider is having a blog, which will allow you to both include a personal element in your website as well as communicate information that the reader should find useful and interesting. 

Also keep SEO optimization in mind while creating posts, but also note that the quality of the writing and how informative and interesting it is to readers is the most important factor. 



An email marketing campaign is another consideration that you should have. If you decide to do this, make sure that it is clear on your website that you are keeping an email list and how the user can sign up for it. 

Then use it to provide information on properties, on the area and on other aspects of your business that you would like to share. Note that these emails do not need to be extensive. 

Also, Real Estate CRM Software is unique to your needs and features that are suitable for you and your business website.

2. Social Media

Another online realtor marketing strategy is using social media. Instagram is an especially useful one for real estate agents since the visual aspect of the properties that you have to offer and nearby areas is so important. You can also run paid Instagram promotions to help grow your brand. 

These allow you to pick specific characteristics that are important to you, such as its target audience and your available budget for this promotion, while deciding what works best for you. Also take advantage of what Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media entities have to offer. 

Even if you never take advantage of any social media promotions, social media remains a valuable tool. Just make sure to keep on top of them. For example, you do not want to create a Facebook account and then leave it dormant for months.

That does not give a solid first impression to people new to you looking to find out more about what you may have to offer them and land there. 



One of the main benefits of social media is being able to interact with followers and other users while there, helping create a community that is directly connected with your business in the eyes of those who are interested in or may be interested in your services. 

Being able to connect with other real estate agents through this is another significant benefit as doing so helps introduce you to methods that can improve how you do things. 

3. Zillow

Zillow receives more than 200 million unique user visits every month, and you will most likely want your offerings to be amongst those that enjoy some of those views.

This benefit is generally even more pronounced if you are a real estate agent who is fairly new or does not have many listings. 

Regardless, if you use Zillow, keep in mind that you can utilize Zillow Premier Agent to increase the number of connections that you experience.

However, do keep in mind that, in many cases, Zillow should not be your focus. It should simply be a tool that you use to help accentuate the other real estate marketing suggestions listed here.

4. Real Estate Business Cards

Business cards provide a lot of value for their relatively small size. You want to ensure that they are unique in a way but that they also provide all of the important information in an easily scannable manner. 

Also make sure that they present an air of professionalism and that any uniqueness utilized does not detract from that. Keep in mind that you will most likely want to include your full licensed name, the type of license that you possess and your license number. 

Are you part of any associations? Consider adding that information as well. If you use a logo with your business, this absolutely should be on these cards as well.

Consider including a picture of yourself although this personal touch is not necessarily needed although it can make your business card really stand out. Regardless, your phone number and website are must-haves. 

5. Real Estate Postcards

The use of real estate postcards is a marketing method that many agents have experienced significant success with. When you do this, make sure that the postcard’s focus is clear. It should grab the reader’s attention, of course, but it also needs to allow that person to quickly ascertain what is being communicated and what you have to offer them. 

Connected with that, also include a call to action, promoting how they can take advantage of what you have to offer. The visuals of the postcard are important, and with it being one related to real estate, you will probably want to include a picture of a property on it, or an expansive look of the area could work as well. 

However, even more important is your contact information. This is forgotten more often than you would think. However, do temper the amount of information that you communicate. You do not want to overwhelm the recipient. If this marketing method intrigues you, consider creating an account at Wise Pelican.

6. Realtor Marketing Billboards

Billboard advertising is another marketing tool that you should consider as billboards cause your message to be seen by, depending on their locations, a significant number of eyeballs. If you decide to use a billboard, also consider traffic in the area. 

For example, if traffic is slow and often at a standstill, that allows those sitting in their cars to be much more likely to look at your billboard and even consider it for more than the split-second that it is viewable when they are driving at full speed. 

Regardless of the other factors, make sure that the message being displayed has the customer as the focus. What can they get out of what you have to offer? 

7. Real Estate Marketing: Print, Radio and Television

Some other forms of real estate marketing that you should consider are related to print media, radio and television. Of course, the value of print media advertising depends on your local area. Some parts of the country still have notable newspaper industries; however, most do not. 

With that said, the advertising rates should be generally low in the latter case, so the value may still be high. However, interest in radio, which is free, portable and adaptable, has not changed as much, and this can be a valuable marketing tool that perhaps you had not considered. 

Amongst these three, television is the most significant, partially because you can include both sound and visuals in your message but mostly because of the significant number of viewers that it receives. 

However, it can also cause a significant dent in your advertising budget to take advantage of this form of promotion although the returns can be quite significant as well. As always, you need to balance the pros with the cons and see what works best in your situation. 

8. Partner with Local Businesses

Since the real estate industry is a particularly social one, you should consider using those social skills to network with other local businesses. The idea behind partnering is that you are helping each other; you are using your combined talents to help the other reach their goals. 

Considering who to partner with is an important brainstorming session that you should do. One option is local eateries. From your perspective, they provide ways to get your name out there to those local to the area, especially since a significant percentage of people regularly dine out. 

Regardless, make sure that you communicate to considered businesses specific things that you can offer that selected business as you look to support the community and receive benefits as well. 

9. Ask for Referrals

Another important social element of the real estate business that you should take advantage of is referrals. Word of mouth is so important in this field, as it is in many others as well, and having one trusted person tell another about how much you helped them with their real estate transaction is invaluable. 

Of course, a lot of that goodwill can be done simply through you handling your business in a professional, caring way. But you also want to help it along some. 

One way that you can do this is by sending a message to someone who has purchased a home from you a few months’ prior, checking in on how they are settling in, thanking them again for working with you and ending with a note mentioning an event that you are holding that they may want to share with others.

10. Use Testimonials

When you have someone who is particularly satisfied with the work that you provided them during the real estate process, consider asking for a testimonial that they would be comfortable having their name attached to. 

Something like a paragraph of text speaking to this that you can place on your website can really help you build trust with those who are new to you and your business.

11. Branded Moving Truck

You could purchase a moving truck with your branding on it and allow clients to utilize it to move into their newly purchased home. This helps you show goodwill as well as advertise yourself to whoever sees the truck travel with the person’s possessions. 

You could also park this truck at any events that you hold, such as open houses, to allow it to also advertise you when it is not moving.

12. Tour of Area and Open Houses

Another way that you can utilize the social aspect of this field is by using your own social skills to help showcase the local area as well as the homes that you have available. 

You could promote a neighborhood walkthrough, where you describe important and interesting aspects of the area where many of your homes are located. Perhaps a walk through a nearby park could be done as well, showcasing the beautiful nature in the area, if applicable. 

If you have several homes within a short distance of each other, you could present walking tours of them as well. Of course, you can also offer open houses, being ready to promote their features and answer any questions that visitors may have of them. 

Also keep in mind that some taking advantage of your open houses may be early in the buying process and not even have a real estate agent in mind to utilize.

Conversely, a significant percentage of those who go to open houses have already researched them online and are significantly further along the sales funnel. Regardless, open houses possess significant value. 

13. Free Swag

A great way to promote yourself is through free swag that includes your branding on it. This can include things as varied as keychains, mugs and pens. The more useful a purpose that it serves, the more likely that the recipient will end up using it and continue to promote you to themselves as well as to anyone seeing them use that branded swag. 

A partial list of other branded swag items to consider include chocolates, luggage, reusable grocery store bags, journals, clothing, magnets, headphones and towels.


As an expert real estate agent, you’re known for your negotiation skills and your ability to close a deal. Furthermore, you provide a unique service that is hard to duplicate by traditional agents. In order to stand out from the crowd, it is important that you market yourself as an expert in your field of real estate. With these tips, you can promote your business and attract new clients.

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