8 Tips for People Working in Marketing Who Work From Home

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Marketing is a special kind of profession to have. After all, your job is to essentially appeal to people and impress them. It is without a doubt a difficult job, but a rewarding one nonetheless. Being able to help improve a business thanks to your strategy and content is a truly valuable thing.

Not to mention that marketing is now more important than ever. Although businesses have always used some form of marketing, the online world has escalated the need.

Now, businesses will find themselves competing with companies all over the world. This means that their marketing strategies need to be on point if they want to be able to succeed.

Not to mention all the different routes marketers have to take for the different platforms online. 



Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are plenty of professionals who now work from home. Although many have returned as the virus has started to clear, there are still many who will continue to work from home.

For anyone who works in marketing, there definitely isn’t much of a need to be in the office. After all, once you have your computer, you have nearly everything you need already. Not to mention the fact that you probably don’t do too much work directly with your colleagues.

So as a marketing practitioner, there is a good chance you now work from home. If this is a move that you have struggled to deal with, then don’t worry.



Here are some tips that can help you get the most out of your new working situation. Not only could these pieces of advice make your life easier, but you could even enjoy your job even more. 

1. Have a Great Device 

The first thing that you are going to want to address when you are working from home is ensuring you have a great device. After all, if you are trying to work from a computer that is slow and is always breaking down, then you are going to have a frustrating time.

Although it may appear to be a substantial investment to some people, it is definitely worth the money. Invest the money into a computer that is going to be easy to work with.

After all, this is going to be the primary tool for your career for the foreseeable future. If you are having a tricky time finding the will to spend the money, think of all the cash you will be saving. The same concerns not only the computer, but also all the other necessary devices, such as noise-canceling headphones or printers. If your work is related to constantly printing, scanning and copying, multifunction printers for business can be great money and space saving options. After all, when you are working from home, you are eliminating a lot of costs.

Travel fees, fuel, lunches, there are plenty of different places where you can now save your money. 

2. Avail of Online Services 

There are plenty of online services that are going to be able to help you out as a marketer. For example, if you are looking to use Amazon to help improve your business, then there are services that you should look at.

By visiting sites such as https://nuancedmedia.com, you could really help to improve your business. From profits to marketing benefits, you are really going to get a lot from using these kinds of services.



There are also other services such as invoicing and organizational tools that can really help anyone who works from home or is freelancing. 

3. Have Good Communication Skills 

When you are working from home, the face to face contact is, of course, going to be limited. However, that doesn’t mean that communication isn’t important in the workplace.

Being able to communicate with your colleagues and clients is an essential part of being a successful worker. If you feel as if you could be a better communicator, then chances are you have some work to do. It doesn’t take too much to be able to improve these skills, however.

For example, even something as simple as keeping emails clear and short is beneficial. Try not to overload people with too much pointless information.

By keeping to the point, you are going to eliminate confusion and keep things straightforward. 

4. Social Media 

Social media is a major part of marketing in the modern-day. After all, when you consider how much time people spend on their phones throughout the day, it makes it easier to target them there.

Social media is something that is fast-paced and engaging, just like marketing. So increase your social media presence.

However, social media marketing is a very unique thing. After all, you have to be good in order to draw a consumer’s attention away from their scrolling.

Not to mention that every social media platform is going to be different in terms of marketing. For example, you won’t market on Facebook the same way you would TikTok.

A large amount of social media marketing is knowing who your audience is. If you are able to know how to appeal to that consumer, then your strike rate is going to be a lot higher.

For example, an older demographic is more likely to find success on Facebook. While Instagram and Tik Tok are better suited to a younger audience. 

5. Keep up to Date With Trends 

Another key part of social media marketing is keeping up with trends. After all, people like relevance and significance. If you are using old marketing strategies and themes, then people are going to consider your methods dated.

Try to see what other companies are doing in order to draw their consumers online. You will often find that trends come and go within a week.

However, if you are able to act quickly and make the most out of them, then you are going to benefit massively. After all, being consistent and relevant with your posting is going to be a key factor in your success. 

6. Invest to Make Your Life Easier 

As someone who works from home, you are going to want to make your working life as easy as possible. After all, there is a big change from working in an office to working from home.

If you haven’t been working from home in the past, then there is a good chance you are going to need to make some investments. After all, there is more to working from home than just having a good computer.

Although this is important, there are other things that should go into a home office. For example, having a great desk is a basic thing that every remote worker should have. Accompanying this should be a great desk chair.

From here, you can then look at investments that are just going to make your working life easier. For example, some people might feel like they can work better when using the likes of a laptop stand or external keyboard.

Another convenient investment you might want to make is going to be a dual monitor. This is going to be especially easy for people who work with a lot of different tabs open or have to keep an eye on several different things.

As someone who works in marketing, this is definitely something that you could benefit from. Over time, you are going to learn what is beneficial to you and what isn’t.

Just remember you shouldn’t be afraid to invest in something if it is going to make working easier.

Transform your home office space into something great, and you definitely aren’t going to regret it. After all, as someone who is working in marketing, there is a good chance that this is where you will work for the rest of your life. 

7. Have a Good Routine 

The daily routine of a remote worker is going to be very difficult to that of an in-office worker. After all, no travel times, no designated lunchtimes, it can be a very different experience.

However, it is definitely a beneficial one. You are going to have much more time to structure your day the way you want to. Over time, you are going to be able to develop a routine that really suits your lifestyle.

As someone who works in marketing, there is a good chance that you are working under your own time and schedule. This means that you should try and work in a way that suits you.

For example, if you want to get up early and do all of your work, then that is the way you should work. However, there are also plenty of people who feel as if they work better in the evenings.

If this applies to you, then try to get your routine suiting to this preference. 

8. Learn From Others 

In the world of marketing, there is no one way that is right. There are plenty of different ways to market.

As well to these unique styles, the world of marketing is always changing. This means that what might have worked six months ago isn’t going to be very beneficial anymore.

You shouldn’t feel the need to come up with brand new ideas from nothing every day, however.

You can definitely learn from others and have their efforts inspire you for your own work. Just be sure to keep on your own and avoid plagiarism. 

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