7+ Best Methods to Attract Customers in 2023

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For the product to be more widely known, usually, a promotional technique is needed to attract customers attention.

The promotion technique is a strategy to offer and introduce products so that many potential customers are interested in purchasing in the future.

Many promotional techniques can be practiced—starting from the application of promotion in the digital, conventional, to semi-digital realms that take advantage of personal connections and approaches. While exploring the best methods to attract customers this year, entrepreneurs should not overlook the importance of establishing a solid business foundation. If you’re based in the Sunshine State, learning how to open an llc in florida can ensure your business is legally structured for success and credibility.

The ultimate goal of promotion itself is expected to be able to provide benefits for the company. So, if your business wants to continue to grow, the following reviews can be used more or less as a reference.

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8 Ways To Attract Customers

From the various promotional techniques available, I summarize 8 Ways that can be applied to Attract Customers.

1. Implement the Loyalty Program

Implementing a loyalty program not only tempts prospective buyers but can also increase repeat orders or the desire to buy again.

Examples of companies that have implemented their loyalty programs can be seen, such as Super Coin with Flipkart, Starbucks Rewards and many more.

Many rewards can be used to Attract Customers. The most popular promotional technique with loyalty programs is to use vouchers or discount coupons for your next purchase.

Another excellent loyalty program reward could be actual rewards. If your loyal customers are ordering in bulk, or they have been ordering you for quite some time, they deserve a gift alongside. You can read more to find about these gifts.

2. Determine the Brand Ambassador

The role of brand ambassadors is becoming increasingly significant.

Potential customers do not only see the value of the product or based on needs but also see who the figure is behind the product you are selling.

For example, the local fashion brand Brune & Bareskin can become one of the cool young icons because it collaborates with Harbhajan Singh as a Brand Ambassador. 

In addition, e-commerce startups such as Flipkart and Amazon have also succeeded in taking advantage by making Brand Ambassadors. 

You can use this promotional technique to boost sales. You don’t need to use famous artists right away, and you can start from among bloggers or micro-influencers in their respective fields.

3. Personal Selling Promotion Techniques

The personal selling promotion technique is a method in which the presentation method is based on the relationship between the seller and the customer. 

As a result, in practice, this strategy is aimed at driving sales figures and building closeness directly as a local community.

There are many advantages of personal selling techniques. Starting from knowing the wants and needs of customers, building clearer communication, to easiness in the product demonstration process to customers.

4. Multi-channel Advertising

For products to sell more, you must do advertising. Through media advertising, potential consumers can see products, and information about accurate values ​​can also be conveyed.

In this digital era, there are many advertising channels that you can use. Based on the types and characteristics, here are some recommended advertising channels for use.

  • Print advertisements: Newspapers, magazines, brochures, etc.
  • Electronic media: radio, television, and others
  • Online Channels: website, YouTube, and social media

Please note, each of the advertising media above has its advantages and disadvantages. So, business people need to determine the goals of the campaign they want to run.

Don’t be lured into imitating the “burn money” strategy of Unicorn startup companies. You can be sure that you will lose before going to war in terms of capital and resources.

5. Approach via Social Media

Who doesn’t have social media right now? Everyone, both young and old, must have at least one social media for communication and entertainment needs.

Among the various social media platforms that are developing, Facebook still has a sizable audience dominance.

However, you still have to consider whether the product you want to sell is in accordance with the target market.

6. Website and Application Optimization

It is undeniable that now websites and applications have become a basic requirement for companies who want to be closer to potential buyers. 

We can use the website for various needs, ranging from running promotional activities, delivering information updates, buying and selling transactions, and customer service needs.

Want to start a website? Here’s Full Guide: how to make a website and start making money.

7.Cashback For Every Purchase

Cashback offers are one of the most popular current promotional techniques. As the name implies, the way cashback itself works is to give a refund after the consumer has made a purchase transaction.

Usually, cashback is done by applying certain conditions, such as setting a minimum purchase price or only using certain products.

Despite having somewhat confusing terms and conditions, cashback is still widely used as a promotion booster.

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8. Hold Flash Sale

Flash sales are sales promotion techniques carried out in a short time and with limited product offers. 

The price offered when a flash sale is usually very cheap. Some are even unreasonable.

Just imagine some time ago, Flipkart and Amazon held a flash sale for the iPhone 12 at a low price.

This flash sale strategy can be used to introduce products and build enthusiasm for potential customers.


Those are some effective promotional techniques you can do to attract and win more clients. Promotion is an important thing that cannot be missed, especially if your product has not been released on the market for a long time.

The promotion method itself is very diverse, depending on the product’s characteristics and the budget that has been budgeted. 

In the digital era like now, You can prioritize online promotion as the spearhead of marketing.

Besides being more cost-effective, the reach of online media such as websites and social media is also relatively wider because it can be accessed 24 hours.

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