About US

First of all, I would like to say you thank you for landing on this page. And welcome to my site WayToIdea.

We provide various types of tips and tricks for bloggers, search engine optimization (SEO), Product reviews, blogging, affiliate marketing,  and tech geeks.

The main target of this site is to help people who don’t know about the internet. And who don’t know about Blogging? To know more about us read below.

When WayToIdea Was Started

waytoidea was started on September 10, 2018 (aprrox). I started this site to help those people who don’t know about the internet or blogging.

I created many sites and deleted them. Then I thought that I will make finally a good site which visitors will like. And then I created it.

Why WayToIdea Was Started

The main focus of this site is to help those people who really want to do something on the internet but don’t know how to do it. I mainly write the topics given below:

  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • Tips and ricks
  • How To
  • Make Money Online
  • Product reviews

And if you have any problem you can contact us from our contact us page.

Who Started WayToIdea:

Hello, friends, my name is vishal meena. I am the founder of WayToIdea. And I am a student as well as a part-time blogger and I have to manage my blog as well as with my study. I belong to India. And I live in Alwar (Rajasthan).

I love to hear music, playing games, watching movies etc. I really love Blogging and I can’t imagine my life without Blogging. If you have any problem you can contact me on my email at : Vishal@WayToidea.com or waytoideabusiness@gmail.com