Top 50+ Free Directory Submission Sites List of 2024

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Directory submission is one of the most proven link-building and off-page SEO tactics. Is it still working? and what are the best directory submission sites for SEO?

Optimizing your website’s search engine rankings is crucial for gaining online visibility and increasing organic traffic. One powerful strategy to boost your SEO efforts is through directory submission sites.

If we notice, directory submission is not as powerful as past because Google improving its search algorithm and is more intelligent than years before. But still, a clever strategy of directory submission can bring a big boost to your SEO and traffic, especially for local businesses.

So in this comprehensive blog post, we will dive into the best free directory submission sites listed for every niche, what is directory submission, and discuss some of its benefits.

What is Directory Submission?

First, let’s know what is directory submission.

Directory submission is the process of submitting your website’s URL and relevant information to online directories or web directories. These directory submission sites categorize websites based on various niches and topics, making it easier for users to discover relevant websites.

For example, if your business or website is about health, you can simply put your website in the health category. Then if someone looks site for the health industry your website may appear.

There are a few types of directory submission sites…

Types of Directories

  1. General Directories: These directories cover a wide range of categories and are ideal for websites targeting a broad audience.
  2. Niche Directories: Niche directories focus on specific industries or niches, allowing you to target a more targeted audience and enhance the quality of your backlinks.
  3. Local Directories: Local directories are geographically specific, making them valuable for businesses targeting a particular region or location and best for local businesses like restaurants, shops, barbers, etc.

The Benefits of Directory Submission for SEO

1. Enhanced Online Visibility

Directory submission enables your website to be listed in popular directories, increasing its online exposure and visibility to a wider audience. When users search for relevant keywords or topics within these directories, your website will have a higher chance of being discovered, driving targeted traffic to your site.

2. Quality Backlinks

Directories often provide backlinks to your website, which are crucial for SEO. Backlinks act as votes of confidence from other authoritative websites, signaling to search engines that your content is valuable and trustworthy. By submitting your website to high-quality directories, you can earn valuable backlinks that contribute to improved search engine rankings.

3. Targeted Traffic

Directory submission allows you to reach a more targeted audience. When you submit your website to niche or local directories, you attract users who are specifically interested in your industry or location. This targeted traffic is more likely to convert into leads or customers, leading to increased sales and business growth.

4. Brand Authority

Being listed in reputable directories enhances your brand’s authority and credibility. Users perceive websites listed in trusted directories as more reliable and trustworthy. As a result, directory submission contributes to building a positive brand image, which can further improve user engagement and conversions.

Directory Submission Sites List 2024

Here is a carefully curated list of directory submission sites that can help boost your website’s visibility and drive targeted traffic:

  1. Yahoo! Directory – The Yahoo! Directory is one of the oldest and most respected directories on the web. It offers various categories to submit your website and provides excellent exposure to a wide audience.
  2. DMOZ – DMOZ, also known as the Open Directory Project, is a comprehensive directory that is human-edited and maintained. Submitting your site to DMOZ can provide significant SEO benefits.
  3. Yelp – Yelp is a popular directory that focuses on local businesses. If your website caters to a specific geographical location, submitting to Yelp can help you target local customers effectively.
  4. Yellow Pages – The online version of the Yellow Pages is an excellent directory for businesses across various industries. Submitting your website to the Yellow Pages can enhance your local visibility and attract potential customers.
  5. Best of the Web – Best of the Web is a high-quality directory with a wide range of categories. It offers both free and premium submission options, allowing you to choose the level of exposure you desire.
  6. Hotfrog – Hotfrog is a directory specifically designed for small businesses. By submitting your website to Hotfrog, you can connect with a local audience and improve your online presence.
  7. –, also known as Best of the Web, is a trusted directory that provides users with valuable resources. Submitting your site to can boost your website’s credibility and increase its visibility.
  8. AboutUs – AboutUs is a directory that focuses on providing information about websites and companies. Submitting your site to AboutUs can help you create a comprehensive online profile and attract potential customers.
  9. Ezilon – Ezilon is a global directory that allows website submissions from various industries and categories. It offers different listing options, including free and paid, to cater to different budgets.
  10. Blogarama – Blogarama is a directory specifically designed for blogs. If you have a blog, submitting it to Blogarama can help you reach a wider audience and attract more readers.
  11. GoGuides – GoGuides is a human-edited directory that provides users with high-quality resources. Submitting your website to GoGuides can increase its credibility and drive targeted traffic.
  12. – is a web directory that offers both free and paid submission options. By submitting your site to, you can gain valuable exposure and attract potential customers.
  13. Viesearch – Viesearch is a user-friendly directory that categorizes websites based on different topics. Submitting your site to Viesearch can help you reach a relevant audience and increase your website’s visibility.
  14. AllTop – AllTop is a directory that curates and lists the top websites and blogs from various industries. Submitting your website to AllTop can give you exposure to a broader audience and increase your brand’s recognition.
  15. BlogEngage – BlogEngage is a directory specifically designed for bloggers. By submitting your blog to BlogEngage, you can connect with other bloggers, gain valuable backlinks, and attract more readers.
  16. Craigslist – While primarily known as a classifieds platform, Craigslist also offers a directory section. Depending on your industry, submitting your website to relevant categories on Craigslist can help you reach a local audience.
  17. Spoke – Spoke is a directory that focuses on listing business profiles. Submitting your website to Spoke can increase your online visibility and attract potential customers.
  18. Jayde – Jayde is a comprehensive B2B directory that allows businesses to showcase their products and services. By submitting your website to Jayde, you can connect with other businesses and potential partners.
  19. Tsection – Tsection is a directory that organizes websites into different categories and subcategories. Submitting your site to Tsection can improve your website’s visibility and attract relevant visitors.
  20. ExactSeek – ExactSeek is a directory that offers both free and paid submission options. By submitting your website to ExactSeek, you can increase your online presence and attract potential customers.
  21. Info Listings – Info Listings is a directory that allows you to submit your website to different categories. By appearing in Info Listings, you can enhance your website’s visibility and attract targeted traffic.
  22. – is a trusted directory that focuses on listing businesses from various industries. Submitting your website to can improve your online authority and attract potential customers.
  23. Gimpsy – Gimpsy is a directory that categorizes websites based on the services they offer. Submitting your website to Gimpsy can help you reach a specific audience and increase your chances of conversion.
  24. A1WebDirectory – A1WebDirectory is a directory that accepts website submissions from different industries. By submitting your site to A1WebDirectory, you can enhance your online visibility and attract potential customers.
  25. HotvsNot – HotvsNot is a directory that offers both free and paid submissions.

More Directory Submission Sites 2024


Top 10 Free Web Directory Submission Sites of USA

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Free Directory Submission Sites List of UK

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Niche-Specific Directory Submission Sites

Here is the list of directory submission sites for every niche.

Technology and Web Development

  1. GitHub:
  2. Stack Overflow:
  3. Moz:
  4. Web Designer Depot:
  5. SitePoint:
  6. CSS-Tricks:
  7. A List Apart:

Health and Wellness

  1. Healthline:
  2. Mayo Clinic:
  3. WebMD:
  4. MedicineNet:
  5. Psychology Today:
  6. Verywell Health:
  7. Healthgrades:

Travel and Tourism

  1. TripAdvisor:
  2. Lonely Planet:
  3. Expedia:
  5. National Geographic Traveler:
  6. Travelocity:
  7. Airbnb:

How to Outrank Competitors with Effective Directory Submission

1. Research and Identify Relevant Directories

Conduct thorough research to identify directories that are relevant to your industry or niche. Look for directories with high domain authority, a strong user base, and a good reputation. Aim for a mix of general, niche, and local directories to maximize your exposure and attract a diverse audience.

2. Optimize Your Website for Submission

Before submitting your website, ensure that it is fully optimized to make a positive impression. Optimize your meta tags, titles, and descriptions with relevant keywords. Make sure your website is visually appealing, user-friendly, and loads quickly. These factors contribute to a better user experience and increase the likelihood of directory approval.

3. Create a Compelling Description

When submitting your website, craft a compelling and concise description that accurately represents your brand. Highlight your unique selling points, key services, or products, and include relevant keywords naturally. A well-written description increases the chances of directory approval and encourages users to click through to your website.

4. Follow Submission Guidelines

Each directory may have specific submission guidelines. It is crucial to carefully read and adhere to these guidelines to ensure a successful submission. Failure to comply with guidelines may result in rejection or delays in listing your website.

5. Track and Monitor Your Submissions

After submitting your website to directories, keep track of the progress and monitor the status of your submissions. Some directories may require verification or provide options for upgrading your listing. Regularly check for updates, respond to any requests, and make necessary updates to maximize the benefits of directory submission.

6. Diversify Your Link-Building Strategy

While directory submission is valuable, it should be part of a broader link-building strategy. Diversify your backlinks by pursuing guest blogging opportunities, participating in industry forums, engaging with influencers, and leveraging social media platforms. A diversified link profile strengthens your website’s authority and improves its chances of outranking competitors.

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So that’s our guide for directory submission and a list of directory submission sites. By utilizing the comprehensive list of directory submission sites provided above, you can effectively build quality backlinks to your site outrank your competitors, and attract targeted organic traffic to your website. 

Make sure to choose directories that are relevant to your industry or niche, follow the submission guidelines diligently, and track the progress of your submissions.

By incorporating directory submission into your overall SEO strategy, along with other optimization techniques, you can establish a strong online presence, build high-quality backlinks, and drive sustainable growth for your website.

I hope you liked our list of directory submission sites.

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