How To Increase Social Media Presence – 7 Sure-Fire Ways

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Millions of Americans today are believed to have at least one social media account. Some even have multiple accounts within the same platform or across different social media networks. This means that millions of the American marketplace are wired into each other in various ways through their personal or professional connections. 

As a result, a large number of businesses have realized the implication of this that the marketplace is alive and abuzz on social media. And that’s where they need to sell.

To be able to sell your products or services on social media, you have to establish your shop there and maintain your visibility. This means you’d have to put up your own social media account or page. You can, for starters, try to get more Instagram live views to fire up your social media presence. Fortunately, there are other means you may try out. 

The following are some of the many possible sure-fire ways for you to increase your social media visibility. Continue reading to learn more. 



1. Identify Your Brand’s Target Persona

One of the first things that you have to do to increase your social media presence is to make sure that you know your target audience. 

You should define and identify the profile of your target social persona before relaunching your re-engineered digital marketing campaign. This is important because Americans are addicted to social media, so, there are all sorts of audiences and market segments in various social media platforms waiting to be tapped into. 

You should do extensive research on the motivations, likes, opinions, emotions, preferences, and buying behavior of your target persona. Numbers don’t lie and buyers vote with their dollars. To understand your target social persona and niche market, you should study market information about them. It’s important that you understand your target persona so you can craft marketing strategies that can engage them effectively. 



It’d be best to use analytics and evidence-based research to study your target persona. Books and references on theories about market dynamics and consumer behavior might not get it right all the time even though they’re written by academic scholars and authorities. Nothing beats getting the numbers about actual purchases made by buyers. 

2. Improve Your Social Media Posts

Another crucial aspect of increasing your social media presence is to increase your visibility by improving the quality of your social media posts to drive more online traffic. Visibility is an essential element of any marketing strategy. Businesses have to stay visible whether they’re doing brick-and-mortar operations or selling online. As marketing strategists would often say, the business and its products should be placed at the center of the marketplace

The best way to stay visible on social media is to increase the frequency of your social media posts, enhance their creative element, and stay consistent with your brand messaging. The more posts you have means there’ll be more content on your social media account that search engines can fetch and people can like and share. Your content is the base resource of your marketing outreach that digital search engines and sharing platforms can multiply. 

3. Enable Social Media Sharing Functionalities

The power of social media marketing lies in the potential of its social networks to spread marketing messages at the speed of a click. Marketing messages can travel very fast across social networks because of the connections among those who are part of the network. These connections are grouped into communities. And these collectives, in turn, overlap each other because some members of one group are possibly also part of the other.

For information to spread quickly, nevertheless, social media users and followers should be enabled to echo or share your messages. The way to enable them is to activate the social sharing functionalities on your social media account or page. Make sure that they can easily find the ‘share to’ buttons for easier navigation. 

4. Make Your Company’s Mobile Users Experience Fuss-free

Some businesses and websites take for granted that the way their website looks is also the way they look on mobile. You have to make sure that if your website looks good while viewed on a desktop, it should also look good and be shareable on mobile devices. You should test whether the sharing features that work well with the desktop version would work just as well in mobile devices. 

Keep in mind that an increasing number of Internet users are now accessing their social media accounts through their mobile devices. This means that an increasing segment of the marketplace has moved to mobile devices. With more social media users who have their eyes glued to their mobile phone screens, the digital marketing battle becomes a contest to be front and center of handheld gadgets. 



To achieve this degree of ubiquity, you should make sure that the social sharing functionalities are working properly in your mobile device version. Test this using different mobile devices with different browsing applications. Make sure that you also test what the shared content looks like on the receiver’s end. Fix any broken links, error messages, or bugs in your coding. Make sure that your text, graphics, pictures, and videos load and look the way you want them to be.  

5. Engage Well With Your Customers Over On Social Media

Keep in mind that your social media account or social media page is just the touchstone of your digital presence these days. It’s where people online who happen to stumble upon your social media page get to get in touch with your business place and the like. But in this social media age, it’s said that social media users and buyers want to do more than just touch the wall of your business place. 

To boot, social media users and buyers are believed to want to be ‘social’ on social media. They want to be able to interact with someone – a real human – who’s behind all the things that are being posted on the wall of your social media account or page. They want to do this for a number of different reasons. 

What are they? They want to make sure that they’re not being scammed and that they’ve come to the right place. Also, they want to sound out their queries to get a feel whether they feel or think the same way as your other social media followers or buyers. 

Engaging your followers and commenters on social media sends a powerful message of authenticity online. People who follow your social media page as well as those stumbling upon you for the first time will get a sneak view into how you treat your followers and potential buyers. For some of them, if they like what they see and feel, they might be turned into buying patrons. 

6. Feature Your Outstanding Followers

Another way to increase your social media presence is to feature your top users, customers, followers and others. This strategy takes interaction and engagement with your followers to the next level. It’s believed to be highly effective for it’ll enable you to tap into the reservoir of social connections of your follower’s own network of friends, colleagues, and social contacts. This is especially helpful when a buyer or customer has given your product or service a high rating or left very expressive and flattering remarks on your social media page.

For example, if you have a buyer or customer who has repeatedly bought from your online shop or store, maybe you should consider reaching out to them to find out more about their customer experience with your shop. That buyer is an actual, living, and unpaid potential endorser of your products or services. The fact that they’ve repeatedly bought from your business is a powerful endorsement that you should consider sharing with your social media following. 

7. Reach Out To Other Social Media Pages

Different online blogging and vlogging personalities these days have found numerous ways of helping each other out. You can learn a page or two from what they’re doing to add to all your efforts to increase your social media presence. The basic idea of what they’re doing is that they’re helping each other build their respective social media, blogs, and others by positively endorsing each other. Some are tacit collaborations that don’t directly involve their partners.

On the other hand, some are more upfront with their partnerships that showcase an open alliance of marketing efforts. Notable examples include social media influencers and celebrities who invite other social media page owners to write about them or interview them. You can consider doing this with your products and services that complement your marketing strategy.


There are quite a number of different sure-fire ways for you to increase your presence on social media. 

Yet first, you have to know and identify your target social persona before you launch a massive social media posting campaign. Once you’ve decided and are able to zero in on your target, you can activate your postings and sharing functionalities. Make sure you look good on mobile, too, and engage your commenters and followers.

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  1. Great tips Vishal. Have always been looking out for ways to increase our social media presence. With everyone using mobile devices the mobile website needs to be fuss free to gain more traction. Thanks for the sharing such insightful content.

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