How To Make Money From YouTube Channel – YouTube Monitization 2023

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YouTube video hosting allows users to earn and receive passive income. You don’t need to have your own channel for this. Let’s figure out how and how much you can earn on YouTube.

Today there are many ways to make money on the Internet. One of the popular sites on the web is YouTube. The audience of video hosting has long exceeded several billion. From an entertainment platform, YouTube has evolved into an entire business environment with unlimited profit potential.

YouTube monetizes well, especially if you have your own channel and at least a small subscriber base. But YouTube is good because you don’t have to be a blogger to make money here. What is a beginner to do and how to generate income from YouTube?

In this article, we will tell you in detail about the most popular and effective ways to make money on the popular video hosting. You may not earn millions, but you can count on a stable income comparable to the average salary. 



1. Contextual advertising on the YouTube channel

The most obvious way to make money is to start your own channel, post content and monetize it. 

You can make money on Google contextual advertising. Advertisers place ads on the Google advertising network, choose YouTube as their advertising platform, and indicate channels on a specific topic. 

But this is not suitable for beginner video bloggers, since you must already have an approved Adsense account to show contextual advertising, and the channel itself must meet the minimum YouTube requirements. 



To monetize content, you need to have at least a thousand subscribers and at least 4 thousand hours of views in the last 12 months.

What does earnings consist of? You get paid for every unique click on your ads. Funds are credited to the balance in your Google Adsense account. 

Google displays ads on top of your videos and charges advertisers for every click on your ads. He pays 55% of this money to the authors of the videos on which there were clicks. 

Earnings depend on the countries in which viewers saw the ad, the topic of the channel and the number of clicks.

2. Placing direct advertising on YouTube channel

This is one of the most lucrative ways to monetize YouTube channels. However, for novice bloggers, this method is not relevant. 

To receive commercial offers from large advertisers, you must first promote your channel. And for this you need to create interesting content. If you want to make money right away, it is better to connect affiliate programs.

3. Earnings on CPA networks

This method is suitable for beginner YouTube channels. The scheme is simple: you register with any CPA affiliate, post affiliate links on your channel. If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, then you should learn about affiliate marketing first.



When users click on a link and perform useful actions, you earn money. As a rule, affiliate links are placed in the description for the video.

It is recommended to choose only those affiliate programs that are similar in their topic to your channel. Then the effectiveness of affiliate links will be higher.

Examples of affiliate networks: 

  • AIR is one of the top YouTube partners
  • ScaleLab is a certified Youtube partner. A blogger just needs to activate an account and activate monetization. Ads are broadcast automatically.

Even with small channel coverage, you can get good income due to high commission (usually from 5 to 30% of the value of the advertised product). 

4. Earnings by affiliate programs

This method is similar to the previous one, with the only difference that the affiliate link leads to download the file.

An example of how the scheme works: you post a trailer / teaser on your channel and a link to a file hosting service where the user can download the full version of the video. 

For each targeted action, you get a percentage. And if a user downloads a file via an affiliate link and pays for turbo access, you get additional rewards. 

5. Earnings on simple tasks

You will earn a lot of money from this, but it can be considered as a source of additional income. This method is suitable for anyone. 

You will need an account on the YouTube network itself and registration on one of the special exchanges where orders are placed. Users are encouraged to perform simple tasks on YouTube: subscriptions, likes, reviews. 

There are many similar services today, here are some of them:

  • QComment
  • VKtarget
  • ForumOk
  • Prospero

6. By selling goods

YouTube is a great place to increase sales if you sell products (online or offline). Record promotional videos, and in the description post links to social networks through which you can be contacted. 

Example: you can sell gadgets, you record test drives and reviews on YouTube, integrating an advertising offer into each video. 

7. Earnings on their services

This method is similar to the previous one, only you are not selling physical goods, but your services. You can run an expert channel, share useful information, publish free webinars, tutorials for beginners, master classes, etc. Recordings of sales webinars work especially well. 

The method is suitable for different directions. For example, you can run a beauty channel and sell your makeup artist services; or talk about repairs while working in this area. 

The main task of such videos is to present you as a good specialist. Such advertising works great and brings a lot of orders. And for the promotion to be effective, place a link to your portfolio and accounts on other social networks in the video description. 

8. Earning money on other people’s videos

This method is not entirely fair, since it is based on the use of someone else’s content. But some channels make money by re-uploading videos taken by other people. It is necessary to obtain permission from the author to use his materials. 

But there is one loophole. On Youtube you can find many videos that “do not belong to anyone” – for example, funny videos filmed by ordinary people on their phones. So, looking for videos about cats, jokes, videos from registrars on the site, you can make interesting selections. 

The main disadvantage of such earnings is that if you use a video without the permission of the author, you can sooner or later receive a complaint from him, and your channel will simply be blocked. 

9. Earnings on donations (donations)

On YouTube you can stream (live broadcasts) and earn money from viewers. Most donations are sent to streamers who shoot the passage of computer games. 

Video hosting Youtube itself pays money for streams by adding ads. The more viewers watched your stream, the higher your income.  

10. Earnings at master classes

If you have some skills and are ready to share your experience, you can invite your viewers to attend your paid webinars or master classes. This type of income is based on the sale of information products via Youtube. Such content is quite popular here, so you can count on the viewer’s interest. 

The income level depends on how competent you are in the business you are going to teach. It matters how you communicate with the viewer, whether you have professional achievements. 

It is important that the audience trusts you and perceives you as a specialist – then they will be willing to pay to learn something from you.

11. Earnings on traffic redirection

If you have your own online store or website that is already generating income, you can increase sales by increasing traffic

To do this, you publish a video on your Youtube channel, and under it you leave a link to your offline resource where you want to direct traffic. Thus, you attract new users, and some of them turn into your customers. 

12. Create videos for other channels

For sites there is such a profession as a copywriter – a person who writes texts. Youtube similarly requires people who make videos for money. 

There are those who write scripts for videos. There are those who help to shoot them. And there are those who are engaged in editing. All these specialists are in demand in the market today and can earn good money by helping to create content for other people’s channels. 

13. Sponsorship subscriptions 

A relatively new way to make money on Youtube. With this feature, you can build a whole community of sponsors. Sponsored subscriptions are the ability to support a channel from dedicated fans. 

The bottom line is that subscribers pay a monthly fee to support the author, and in return they receive bonuses, for example:

  • Additional content and early access to videos;
  • Unique emojis, videos;
  • Invitations to closed communities in social networks. 

The sponsored subscription feature is available to authors who have reached the age of 18 and have gained more than 30 thousand subscribers. Income from sponsored subscriptions is distributed as follows: 70% of the total goes to the author, and 30% goes to YouTube. 

14. Earnings by promoting other people’s channels

If your channel is sufficiently “promoted” – you can help in the promotion of other channels, publics or sites. To do this, you for money put links in tips, end screensavers and descriptions under the video. 

Some of your subscribers follow them and subscribe to the customer’s channel or public.

If your channel is small, you won’t get paid much. And if there are tens or hundreds of thousands of subscribers on it, it is better to use other, more profitable ways to earn money (see the list above). 

Most likely, your “clients” will be the owners of young channels who simply do not have money and they will offer exchange of subscribers.

15. YouTube channel rental

The essence of this way of earning is for the content author to add his video to your channel, and then share a part of the income received with you. 

From you – the audience, from the tenant – content. Everyone gets their own benefits. The scheme appeared not so long ago, and YouTube has not yet clarified whether such a service will be available to all users or only to a certain category. 

Pros and cons of making money on YouTube

The ability to earn online and receive passive income.You are always playing on someone else’s field. Youtube has its own rules, there are cases of blocking promoted channels when bloggers lose everything. Therefore, through Youtube, you can and should attract an audience to your platform (website / account).
Free work schedule.Long payback. It is long and expensive to raise a channel from scratch.
The amount of income depends on your efforts and activity.Copyright. Youtube is constantly experiencing copyright issues regarding the use of video and audio content. Your account may be blocked for copyright infringement.
You can show your creativity, because work requires creativity.Lack of stability, Traffic, income, orders surges.
Various ways to generate income.

How much can you earn on YouTube

The size of your YouTube profit directly depends on your activity and efforts, as well as a number of key factors: 

  1. The profitability of the chosen niche. There are different rates per 1000 views for different topics. The most profitable niches are finance and business, medicine, construction and making money on the Internet.
  2. The quality of the video on the channel. It is important that the video is watched to the end – monetization depends on it. 
  3. Number of videos – the more videos you have, the more total views you will have on the channel. You could say that YouTube content creation is a long-term investment that starts to generate income when you accumulate enough views. 
  4. Selected keywords. The title of your video should reflect the content of the video and the words by which users most often search for videos on this topic. The correct title can increase video views.
  5. Channel update rate. The more quality content you generate, the more you can earn. 
  6. Method and efficiency of monetization. It is not only the method of generating income that is important, but also the result. For example, it can be effective to advertise on a channel some services, not very specific products. 
  7. Secondary factors: contact with the audience, communication in the comments, holding of draws, seasonality, etc. 

Considering all these factors, the owner of a YouTube channel will be able to competently manage it and make the most of its capabilities. Now let’s look at the specific amounts that you can earn on YouTube. 

Practice shows that promoted bloggers can receive 1000-1500 dollars per month and more. But there are not many of them. Most bloggers make up to $ 500 a month.

Approximate prices for different ways of earning:

  • General sponsorship price – at least 10 thousand rupees per month;
  • Sponsoring in 1 video – from 500 rupees;
  • Adding a URL in the “Friends” section – from 1000 rupees per month. 

Let’s summarize. On average, the owner of a small channel can earn 25-50 thousand rupees a month. More popular bloggers can receive over INR 300,000. Providing services related to YouTube, you can earn 10-50 thousand rupees – depending on the number of projects that you will lead. 


After considering all the nuances of making money on YouTube, it becomes obvious that even a beginner without investments can make money on video hosting. This way of income is suitable for active Internet users who are ready to invest personal time, commercial enterprise and creative energy in their project. 

For further growth and maintaining competitiveness, you will certainly have to invest in development, but with a competent approach, your efforts can bring results. 

There are many different ways to make money on YouTube: from channel monetization to video hosting services. Anyone can find an opportunity to make money – with or without a channel. 

YouTube and the development of blogging have been gaining momentum in recent years. In the future, there will be more and more money and advertisers. Accordingly, the potential income will grow.

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