Top Free Logo Maker Apps & Websites (Make Custom Logos Instantly)

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Creating good quality logos is not an easy task, but if you have the right logo maker tool at your site, then you can get a lot of help in this task. There are many logo maker applications and tools available online and, in this context, we will tell you all about some of the best ones. 

You can try the various applications mentioned below and select the one that suits and interests you the most. You must know that many people have started their small designing businesses and so you can also create hundreds of custom and unique logo designs easily.

Logo Maker – Free Graphic Design & Logo Templates

This Free Logo Maker app belongs to the famous company Content Arcade apps. This logo creator app is for everyone and is compatible with all kinds of devices. You must know that this logo design application can be used as a pro even if you do not have any prior designing experience or skills.

You just have to install this Logo Maker Android App from the google play store on your device. After installation and free registration process, You will get thousands of logo templates, icons and designs along with different complimenting font styles with this Graphics Design App.. 

Hatchful by Shopify 

This is another logo designer application that can help you make hundreds of customized designs, and that too for free. This logo maker is one of the easiest to use apps that one can find online. It does not matter if you want to make a logo for your business or your social media page.

This logo maker service can provide you with all sorts of logo designs. The designing board of this app is also especially useful, and you can edit plus customize the logo in the perfect way. Once you have selected and edited a logo with this app, you can easily download it in all sorts of formats. 

Tailor brands Logo maker

The tailor brand logo maker is another interesting service that you can get from the application stores, and that too for free. This logo maker is perfect for everyone who wants to create customized logos. This logo maker tool provides tons of editing options and features that would help you create the most interesting logo for yourself.

This logo maker uses AI to get the perfect designs for your business. You have to answer some questions related to your brand, and based on your answers, the tool would provide you with predesigned templates. You can start your very own online design store or business with this app.

Ucraft Logo maker

The Ucraft logo maker application is also a famous one. This utility has gathered a lot of fame just because of the many tools it offers for customization. You must understand that this online logo maker tool can also help you design a logo from scratch because of the tools available on its dashboard. 

This application’s editor gives you a huge selection of icons and supplements of text, shapes, and even colors. These can be used for designing a logo from scratch, plus you must also know that you can also download the designed logo in the highest quality with this app.

Logo Makr

This logo maker app is a sophisticated one. This logo designer app comes with the basic tools you can also find in Ucraft and can also find some advanced options that would help you give your logo an attractive look. If you want to make a scalable logo for your brand, this is the right platform. 

The logo Makr app would design a logo that can be used on all platforms, including garments, mugs, social media pages, and conventional banners. You can save the logo in PNG format with this online logo maker/designer. If you get hooked with the tool’s paid package, you can also get the logo in pdf format.

Design Hill Logo Maker

This online logo maker app is another easy way of making custom logos. You must know that this logo designer application is very much reliable for getting logos for companies.

You have to add the company’s name, your brand’s niche, your tagline, and some of your preferred symbols to the app. Based on this information, the app would provide you with the most attractive and unique templates.

You can use the logo maker app’s dashboard to edit and further customize the logo in your desired way. This logo maker app has both free and paid versions, so you can hook up with the one that suits you the most!


These logo maker apps can help you create hundreds of customized logos in a single day without any restrictions and experience. Today you don’t have to worry about paying huge amounts for logo designing if you have the best logo maker on your mobile!

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