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This part is more advanced, but if your SEO competitor is strong, you can’t ignore this part about backlinks .

Recently, a friend discovered a problem, why did so much SEO work, and the ranking did not improve? The website was in the top 10 3 years ago, but then somehow fell as many as 10, and the ranking hovered at 20 – Between 30.

My friend didn’t choose the most difficult and most competitive keyword, and the basic settings of the website were correct, so I tried to look at it from the point of view of the link… and found…

As a digression, this website was successfully listed as the most difficult keyword “SEO” in optimization in August 2019, and ranked third among 900 million websites. I am sure that it has an absolute relationship with backlink.



After completing this article, you will learn how to judge the strength of backlinks, how to know whether your website’s backlink structure is correct, what is a bad backlink, and how to strategically build backlinks for your website to improve rankings.

What is a backlink? How to improve SEO performance?

Backlinks are one of the three major factors that improve ranking. I briefly explained how it works before (if you don’t know what backlinks are, you can refer to the following article ). This time I will not only teach you how to get backlinks. To the link (I added information that can be used to establish a link in the later part of the article), but to analyze the back link of the website, this part will be more in-depth:

August 31, 2019, this blog has finally won the keyword “SEO” on three ranking, which added a lot of Backlink.



What is Link Profile? What link analysis tools are there?

When we analyze the SEO performance of a website, one of the analysis elements is the website’s Link Profile. I have not yet found a good translation. Link Profile means what type of backlinks a website has and how many counter-links there are. Directional links, how many good links, how many bad links, how many of the reverse links belong to Do-follow and No-follow, some people even put the anchor text in the Link Profile.

In fact, the love type is similar to a person’s wealth. You may have different assets, including buildings, stocks, and debt. At the same time, you may also have debts. The net worth of the entire person is used to judge a person’s financial strength.

Free Backlink analysis tool

One thing to keep in mind is that because Google clearly tells you not to deliberately pursue backlinks, although Google Search Console provides “links to websites”, the information is actually very insufficient. It is impossible for you to see the entire link clearly. Profile, so GSC cannot be regarded as a link analysis tool to some extent.

Google search console will show the source of the link, but other information is not available

Recently Neil Patel has also developed a free Backlinks tool. Among the free tools, it is a more comprehensive one and it is worth a try.

Paid Backlink analysis tool

If we really want to study the backlinks of a website seriously, we must basically use third-party tools. The more famous ones are Ahrefs , SEMrush , and SEOMoz . I use the first two more frequently.

One thing to note is that when you use the above 3 link analysis tools to do research, you will feel that the data will be different. The most common is the number of back links. I was troubled by this and it was difficult to explain to the customer. Finally, I had the opportunity to ask a programmer who made these tools, and he explained the operation of the entire tool.



What is the ratio of Link Profile?

I use as an explanation (hk01 is a website with very good SEO results). When I analyze with SEMrush , I can get a lot of information:

Use link analysis tools to observe website strength

You can see information such as monthly search volume, paid search volume, number of backlinks, etc., let’s take a closer look at the backlinks part:

Use link analysis tools to observe the number of reverse links

Link Profile ratio usually has two indicators:

  1. Ratio of backlink types
  2. The ratio of NoFollow to DoFollow

Ratio of backlink types

If you have a print, you should remember that the value of different types of reverse links can have a considerable gap. Using the example of HK01, you will see that there are four main types of reverse links, including:

  1. Text Link
  2. Image Link
  3. Form link
  4. Frame link

Nearly 93% of HK 01 are text links, and the remaining 7% are not. This is a very normal ratio. But the following ratio is more important . If you subdivide it a little bit, it can be divided into:

  • Contextual Link
  • Forum Signature Link (forum signature link)
  • Comment Link
  • Citation Link (Yellow Pages Registration Link)

When many people who are just starting SEO create links, they think that as long as they put the link in different places, they will get a good ranking. It was correct a few years ago. There was a time when you just registered as a member in a different discussion area, and then added your own website address in the maple column of the member’s profile. After registering 20-30 discussion areas, your website is very There is a chance to get a good ranking.

After Google updated its algorithm , the power of these links was greatly reduced. After research by different SEO experts, it is generally agreed that Contextual Link has the best SEO effect.

So what is Contextual Link?

I haven’t found a good explanation for this term, but you must have seen it before. Contextual Link means that the link comes from the content of the article, that is, I wrote an article about weight loss and published it on my website, and then I added an external link to the article. For the linked person, this is a Contextual Backlink .

Backlink contextual link example

Like the above article on Contextual Link, you see an article where the phrase hard-earned links links to other places. If you link to other articles on your website, this is called an internal link (also useful for SEO), if it is a link to For other websites, it is a “Contextual Link” for the linked website.

The best “Contextual Link” must be related to the content of your website. For example, the above example is about “Contextual Link”. If the linked person also talks about related topics, such as backlinks, Contextaul link, SEO, it will have a positive effect on improving rankings. influences.

To cite multiple examples, if you have a website about Blogging, and get a link to the Wikipedia page about Blogging, it can be of great help to your website ranking.

Get Backlinks from Wikipedia, Wikipedia Backlinks

For all Blogging databases, this link from the wiki has a very high value. In addition to relevance, but also because of the authority of the website.

Before talking about the authority of the website, let me make a brief summary. In terms of the proportion of backlink types in Link Profile, Contextual link should account for the largest proportion, because it has the best effect on SEO. Of course, it is also difficult to obtain this type of link. Higher.

What is website authority?

If you want to learn to play basketball and your goal is to play in the NBA, do you want to learn from Vishal? (Although I really don’t think I can play enough because I’m 6-foot-8 and I’m worse Youngest first 5 feet 8)

Why did you choose Kobe?

Because he is an MVP, he has played in the NBA, he has an Olympic gold medal, he is the second-highest scoring player in history, and he has a record that proves to be an authority in the basketball world!

What about me? Except for the fact that the underground league relied on a teammate to “snap” a card from the car, the game was not even 2 points. . . . . . It seems that there is no advantage, my only advantage, and the part where he can’t win me is that I understand English & Hindi.

After all the nonsense, when Google reviews the strength or authority of the site, it also collects different data from the outside world for analysis. Once Google used Pagerank to score a website, now we use Domain Authority and Page Authority to judge the relative strength of a website and webpage!

These two indicators, Domain Authority and Page Authority, are not Google ’s official indicators, but SEOMoz, an authority on SEO research, based on the understanding of Google and calculated a formula to calculate the authority of the website.

Domain Authority means the authority of the domain name, and Page Authority means the authority of the web page. You can use Open Site Explorer to check the authority of your website.

SmallSEOtools DA PA checker, Domain Authority Checker

Remember, this index is a reference value, and the number will change due to changes in the website, but in general, the higher the number, the more authoritative it is.

Going here, good backlinks should be relevant and authoritative, that is, have high domain rating or PR.

This article mainly analyzes how to create a backlink. If you want to create a link by yourself, you can refer to : Backlink creation guide : 300+ DoFollow Backlinks

The ratio of NoFollow to DoFollow

Imagine a situation, if you are a celebrity, one day you posted a photo of your own dessert on IG, and then someone thought you were selling an advertisement for a dessert shop, but in fact you didn’t mean it, you just want to share your daily routine Life is over.

Suppose you have a high-weight/high-value website yourself, and you want to link to two external websites: a reference website related to your industry, and a charity website that you support.

Back to the meaning of the above reverse link, your external link is the reverse link of the linked website. What you may not know is that whenever you link to an external website, your own SEO value will flow to the external website (we usually It is called SEO Link Juice, which means that the juice of SEO flows to another website), so your SEO score may drop.

There are two things to note here:

  • Your external link target may lower your SEO score
  • What if you must make an external link?

Google mentioned the importance of website relevance. A good website should theoretically provide all information about a certain topic, including the quality of external links. If your website is about goldfish, but the externally linked website is about buying a car, Google will question whether the motivation of this link is to improve the website score?

Therefore, not only bad links to your website will destroy the quality of your website, links from your website to bad or low-quality websites will also destroy the quality of your website . So if your website links to an unfamiliar website, you can use the following NoFollow tag.

<a href=”” ref – “NoFollow”> anchor text</a>

The NoFollow tag means to tell Google that this link is only being linked, and there is no need to establish a relationship with the link, and there is no need to crawl down data from it.

Reverse link ratio

I analyzed a website and its total number of backlinks is 2,900, but the number of NoFollow is much higher than Follow. Therefore, it can be said that there are only about 1,200 effective links. I don’t have the most suitable ratio. Ideally, Follow must be more than Nofollow.

According to this principle, if you must have two external links, one is an industry-related website and the other is a charity, you can add NoFollow instructions to the charity link.

What is Anchor Text?

Using the same example, the anchor text is “hard-earned links”

Regarding backlinks, in addition to the quality of the linked website, we should also pay attention to the anchor text, which also has an impact on SEO website optimization . (Some people call it anchor text)

The above picture is the anchor text (Achor Terms) of one of my websites. You can see that “online advertising” accounts for 20%, which means that if I have 100 backlinks to my website, that is 20 of them are connected to my website through the word “online advertising”.

You can see that when the other 3 do not know what they are, this situation may need to be paid attention to-it may be a deliberate attack by someone! You can refer to the next part!

In addition to understanding the content of the site by the text on the site, Google also understands the content by the text links outside the site (text links are anchor text).

At one time, Google used different anchor texts to determine what kind of “keywords” a webpage belongs to. That is, since 20% of my webpages anchor texts are “online ads”, Google would expect this page to be about online ads .

After many people know about it, they keep creating backlinks with the keywords they want (as anchor text) in order to make the keywords they want rank higher in Google. Unfortunately, Google quickly gained insight into this situation and solved this problem through an update!

However, you should also pay attention to the correctness of the anchor text. Like the above situation, there are 3 unknown anchor texts connected to my website, and I have to deal with it. Ideally, anchor text usually has “brand keywords”, “product keywords”, “buyer keywords”, etc.

Anchor text in Backlinks, anchor text in SEO

I use Waytoidea as an example. You can see brand keywords, buyer query words, and searcher question words. This ratio is quite good, because Google estimates the content of the entire website through these anchor texts.

How the domain name type affects the performance of Backlink

How do different types of domain names affect the strength of backlinks

In addition to the domain name strength mentioned in the first half of the article, another simple way to judge the strength of backlinks is to analyze the domain name type.

I took an analysis of the domain name type of a client’s backlinks for your reference. TLD stands for Top Level Domain (you can read and ignore this). You can see that 52% of backlinks are from “.com” , And the proportion of others including “.de” and “.net” is decreasing.

If you pay close attention, you will find out why “.gov” and “.edu” are placed in the forefront, even if this client does not have a back link of this type. I once wrote that “.gov” and “.edu” are Kobe Byrants in the backlink sector. They are links with higher authority, because links from governments and educational institutions are not readily available. So Google will give these links a higher score.

Does the language of the website affect the quality of backlink?

If your website uses Hindi as the main language, are backlinks from other languages ​​(such as English) effective?

Google did not give a standard answer. From the perspective of relevance, Hindi websites should get backlinks from Hindi websites. This is the most reasonable inference. But my own experiment results say that backlinks to the main website in other languages ​​are quite effective.

My estimate is that if your backlink is from a well-known foreign website, Google will still believe the recommendation of this website and give your website SEO score. Of course, I look at the entire Profolio. For a Hindi-based website, there should be more backlinks from Hindi websites than from English websites, but I have not finalized the actual proportion.

How do I know from the Link Profile whether my website has been attacked?

Speaking of the question at the beginning of the article, my friends did so much SEO work, and the ranking did not improve? The website was in the top 10 3 years ago, but then somehow fell as many as 10 places, hovering in the rankings 20-30 between.

When I used tools to analyze backlinks and found that its website seemed to be attacked by malicious links:

See if the website was attacked from the backlink

The main market of my friend’s website is the United States, and the product is related to jewelry. The main language of the website is Chinese. Therefore, after analyzing the link source and anchor text, I am quite sure that it is maliciously linked.

In the picture above, there are 3000 links from an unidentified anchor text link, and when I check in again, I find that the link is from a website like this:

There are a few 3000 backlinks from this game website, and the quality is very low, so the first thing to do is to detox and make the entire Link Profile back to normal, called Disavow Link, the purpose is to tell Google not to count these links Go to your website. Its mode of operation is to upload links that you think are harmful to Search Console on your website.

There are several characteristics of being attacked, you can refer to it:

  • A large number of low-quality reverse links are established in a short time
  • Many backlink domains are not in the same language as their website
  • A lot of unknown anchor text

These malicious link attacks have a great impact on small-scale websites, because proportionally, you need a large proportion of high-quality backlinks to offset their impact. Therefore, I recommend that you regularly observe your link profile.

How to steal the opponent’s Backlinks?

If your opponent is stronger than you, it is likely that his Backlink quality is better than you, then you have to see if you can establish the same link.

For the convenience of most readers, I used my opponent as a demonstration and used Neil Patel’s tools for analysis:

My opponent is There are many keywords in my industry that rank well

So I put his website in the tool, I want to know what Backlink he has that keeps his ranking in the top

You can see different numbers. I use the following video to teach you how to get the backlink of your opponent

How to get high-weight reverse links

I once wrote that SEO companies will build their own PBN to improve their customers’ website rankings, but not every company will have this ability, because PBN requires a certain amount of maintenance costs and time. Therefore, the following share some methods and experience, some of them have some points The meaning of gray hat SEO, please judge whether to adopt it or not.

Press Release

One way to get a backlink is to distribute press releases, so the link comes from a news website.

But one thing to note is that the original intention of the press release is to import traffic through the traffic of the news website itself, and Backlink is not the purpose itself. Not all news release sites are Do-follow, that is, not all news sites backlink will improve your ranking.

Another advantage is that it makes your website more trustworthy. If your website can appear on Nasdaq, Reuters or Yahoo Fiance, it will definitely make visitors more confident in your company!

How can the press release improve the reliability of the website in a short time

The difficulty of press releases is:

  • You need to find the distribution channels of high-weight news sites
  • Your news should be valuable and have a reason

The actual operation method is as follows:

  1. You must first think of a reason for issuing a press release (it can be new products, new services, publication of reports, publication of new books, company awards, company anniversary celebrations)
  2. Find someone to write the press release (the press release is not a blog, it has its format and content)
  3. Find a channel to release

I use Presscable, myself. It will publish press releases to its news networks for you, including Nasdaq, Reuters or Yahoo Fiance. This publishing service is based on the number of times, but there is no guarantee that it will be published. The fee is calculated for each release, with an average of about US$200 per time.

Contributions to well-known websites

Another common method is to submit articles to well-known websites. In addition to having the opportunity to get traffic, it is also possible to get more exposure. You know, the website needs content, and there are many different content, it is difficult to edit and write on the site, then it is possible to contribute.

I myself have the habit of submitting articles. I will submit one or two articles every month, but please remember that the editor is very busy and may not be published if you submit. If you are just starting out, it is better to win by volume. You may vote 6- 8 articles.

One tip is that in addition to the good enough manuscript, the most important thing is to be friends with the editor , so your manuscript will have a much higher chance of being published. Basically, I will ask as much as possible what type of content they want, long or short? Can you add links? Which style is their audience’s preference? Your extra step will save them a lot of work.

Most websites will not allow self-promotion. Therefore, the content is mainly for sharing, and the link is added to the author column at the end. If your content is good enough, you have the opportunity to be asked to continue to provide manuscripts!

Contribution database

Below I have integrated some platforms that accept submissions from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Mainland. Basically all of them are approved by humans. I hope to speed up the process of establishing reverse links. (Press the picture to do it)

Backlink Outreach

Backlink Outreach simply means to actively contact high-powered websites, such as blogs and websites related to your industry, hoping that they can add your content and links. Unlike submissions, these websites do not openly accept invitations to manuscripts. You have to take the initiative to contact the webmaster, so is it higher.

I suggest you submit your paper first before considering Outreach. Unless you have a high reputation, Outreach’s success rate will discourage you.

Recently, a friend wanted to post content on this blog, which is actually a form of Outreach, but it was a pity to use the wrong method.

Back link location

SEO guru Neil Patel recently published an article about backlink experiments , and he also answered my questions. For example, which sidebar’s backlink or Footer’s backlink is more effective? How much is the same website? Is one reverse link effective or one reverse link sufficient?

(1) Can Footer Link improve the ranking? – Link C

The results show that although it can improve the ranking of some keywords, it has no major impact on the ranking of the top 10

(2) Can Sidebar Link improve the ranking – Link B

Sidebar Link usually appears in the form of friendship link mode.

The results show that the influence

(3) Contextual Link (Contextual Link) – Link A

This is similar to the general statement, which is why I continue to ask people to submit articles. Always come from the content, the most influential

Ranking results: Contextual Link> Sidebar Link> Footer Link

There are also several interesting tests

(4) Can the same website give you multiple links to boost your ranking?

SEO experts often dispute that if Forbes has 3 different editors promoting your website in their own columns, should it be counted as one link or three?

The experimental results show that, compared to one link, it seems that three links will make more keywords in the top 100!

(5) Backlinks come from unrelated websites, but Anchor Text has keywords in it. Does it help ranking?

In theory, your backlinks should come from related content websites. The results show that as long as there are keywords in the anchor text, the keyword ranking will increase, no matter what website it comes from!

This violates the general optimization suggestions.

(6) No-follow Link

It really has no effect on rankings.

The only one I have some reservations. I used to establish a link on the wiki. It was No-Follow, but it did promote a certain customer’s website, but my data was insufficient to draw conclusions.

The following is the video description:

The most effective strategy for establishing reverse links

Rather than build a link, build a relationship

When we make connections, we often start from our own point of view, but ignore the needs of the objects that we link to. To be honest, I spent a long time finding out the key person of the target website, which may be the editor-in-chief or the site administrator.

Of course, you can directly inquire whether you can contribute, but this is often not what they care about. What they care about is how to make their content better spread and have more high-quality readers. You should focus on their needs and see what you can do to help them.

If you have a Facebook Page, can you proactively promote them first?

If you follow my Facebook page, you will find that I promote other pages from time to time, and even the pages of my peers will be put in the News Feed, the purpose is to let them know that I am willing to help promote them. According to the influence guru Robert B Cialdini, people have a mentality of giving back – “Even if others have helped me, I will also look for opportunities to repay him.”

I have heard from your heart: “I am not you, I don’t have your influence, so they won’t pay attention to me!”

I will only say that you always have some resources to help. Maybe you don’t want to find some internet celebrities in the beginning, start with the start-ups.

Maybe you will not get their response, maybe you will find it very utilitarian (I don’t deny this), but through this method I met a lot of interesting people, and in many cases not only became friends, they took the initiative to push me to them. Among the readers, the reverse link is automatically obtained.

Of course, this process is slow and long, but it is precisely because of difficulties that separate yourself from your opponents. When your opponents are eager for quick success and quick gain, you are quietly working hard, and what you win is naturally a longer-term relationship.

Common mistakes in building Backlink

Rather than being a mistake, I would say that it is a strategic issue. Many people have mistaken the order of establishing Backlink. The following video itself is in the SEO course, but there are really too many people asking, so it is added here.

Establish reverse link velocity (Link Velocity)

Many people know that Backlink can improve rankings, and they want to build a large number of links in a short time to improve rankings. But if you ignore the following elements, you may be punished by Google!

Let’s start with myself. I have bought a lot of automated link creation tools, such as “Scrapebox”. I hope to open the computer 7 x 24 to build reverse links. The result is that the ranking has indeed improved, but at the same time I received a warning:

In addition to quality and quantity, link establishment speed is also a factor to consider

If your website is just starting to be established, it is actually impossible to have hundreds or 200 links in the first month.

Another example is if your website has been around for a while, the number of links should increase steadily.

The wrong example is that in January you have 100 links, in February there are only 8 links, and in March there are only 8 links……..

So what amount is moderate?

According to the research of SEO expert Matt Diggity, the judgment should be based on the number of website visitors. The logic is as follows:

If your content is good enough that 1,000 people have viewed it, one or two adults should want to share it, but maybe only 10 people have a website to link to you. Therefore, there should be no more than 10 new links every month.

The following is its recommended quantity

Reverse link establishment sequence

We actually have a set of strategies when establishing a link. We usually divide the establishment of a link into 3 stages:

  1. Sandbox stage
  2. Trust building phase
  3. Authority stage

Sandbox stage

Google SandBox (sandbox stage)

In the sandbox stage, most of the time the website has just started to operate, and Google does not have any green time for your website. At this stage, your website may not appear in the search results. You need to do some preliminary work to accelerate Google’s trust in you.

You can imagine the emergence of a new company. What you have to do is to register the company with different government departments, yellow pages, etc. The new webpage is the same principle, what you need to do includes:

  1. Open a social media account (Facebook/LinkedIn) – Social Profile Link
  2. Register to different company directory websites – Citation Link
  3. Start mentioning company website on social media
  4. Start mentioning the website in the discussion forum – Forum Link

This process takes about 3 to 8 weeks. Don’t build links fast. The goal should be the homepage and the more important category pages (don’t focus on the Money Page). One or two per day is enough until you get out of the sandbox mode. .

Trust building phase

Because the trust has been established, the speed of link establishment and the general category of link types can be accelerated. The types of connections that can be considered include:

  1. Guest Post-find some sites that can publish content to submit-these sites should have a certain degree of authority, because the higher the authority, the more trusted Google, and your site will be improved at the same time.
  2. Link Insertion-Find some articles that already exist on the Internet to see if you can add links to your website. (Many times are paid)
  3. PBN – (This is a grey hat) – For details, please refer to the following article – : Secret Weapon of SEO Company : PBN

This stage will last for a period of time, and it is recommended that it be carried out for at least 6 months to 1 year before trust can be established.

Authority stage

At this stage, basically as soon as you publish an article, it will naturally get a pretty good ranking because you already have trust. The next step is to establish authority. The current work is mainly content (improving the depth of content), and the strategy of establishing links is upgraded to take quality as the main prerequisite, while increasing the speed of link establishment.

Types of link creation include:

  1. Editorial Links-This may refer to links to newspapers and magazines websites, the purpose is to find some websites with higher weight than your website for linking. These websites are not only highly weighted, but also have a considerable amount of traffic. There are some editorial links in the market that can be purchased for a fee (mostly on foreign websites).
  2. Guest Post-same reason as above, find some sites where you can post content

Backlink effective time

Establishing a link will not take effect immediately. As for the time it takes to link to the site’s strength, according to the statistics of SEO Moz , it takes an average of 10 weeks, or 2 and a half months, from the establishment of the link to the effective date. According to your own experience, it takes at least two weeks to get results. Therefore, after you establish a connection, give a little patience, and the ranking will improve.

Backlink is good or bad?

Backlink is like a friend. There are good and bad points. A good one can certainly take your website to the next level, like the press release in the previous section. But if bad Backlink has the opportunity to drag down your website.

This part is not originally included in the content, but if your website SEO is done well, you may not be able to avoid being attacked by opponents or jealousy. The method of attack is to drag your website down with bad links.

The following is a malicious attack I received in May 2019. There were 300,000 more links in Google Search Console, all pointing to 3 pages with good rankings.

What is a bad Backlink?

Just click on the link and you will find that all are from adult websites. Yes, links from adult websites are bad Backlinks, unless your business is related to adult products. If you want to know what industries Google would regard as bad, just look at what advertisements cannot be sold on Google. In addition to pornography, gambling is also a bad link.

This method is a kind of Negative SEO. If SEO is to push the website up, Negative SEO is to push the website down. I once wrote in How to remove search results from Google – 3 ways to stop Google from searching for 60 days wrote that this method is a strategy of many online reputation management companies, which create a large number of poor quality links to the target website. Attempt to lower its ranking.

Backlinks report on Google search console

In my case, they are mainly connected to 3 blogs on my website, obviously because they occupy the top positions of several peer keywords.

What should I do if I encounter this kind of backlink attack?

In my case, in fact, the ranking of the website has no effect. The main reason is that my links are strong enough, and more importantly, Google is strong enough to analyze whether these links are artificial.

But think about it, if this method can be successful, then Shengguo Daily may survive in Google early in the morning!

If your website is relatively new, it may be affected a bit, but don’t worry too much, but don’t just sit back and wait. Google has a tool called Disavow Link that can help. (It’s best to find someone who knows what you’re doing. This is a very advanced tool, and Google clearly points out

“Please be cautious when using this advanced feature. If used incorrectly, this feature may have a serious impact on your site’s ranking in Google search results. We recommend you unless you are sure that there are a lot of spam or manual links Or inferior links point to your website and cause your website to rank poorly in search results. Otherwise, please do not prohibit backlinks.”)

The following is the teaching of the whole method, please do not contact us if you have any questions

Backlink price

You may be thinking about buying Backlink when you see it here. I have no objection, but you have to be clear about what you are buying. In fact, backlinks are sold in many places, and the price is good.

Just walk to Fiverr , you can already find many sellers:

Backlinks Making services on fiverr

I suggest that unless you are establishing a reverse link for tier 2, you should never buy it. You can think about it, they will sell different people at the same time, in the eyes of Google is a very poor link. If your website is new, but there are many low-quality links, your website will not rise but fall.

The price of Backlink should vary according to the intensity. I remember that when I first entered the industry, CNN’s Footer link was 20,000 US dollars a year, but it is no longer available.

In fact, the links are mostly seafood prices, professional ones will find some website market to measure, one of which I will refer to is the Authority Builder

I will make comparisons based on different reference indicators. Common ones are Domain Authority (DA) and Referring Domain (RD). The following prices are in US dollars.

The above content is not for everyone to buy, but don’t be greedy, a high-quality backlink can cost more than 10,000:

It’s the same sentence, you really know what you are doing before you buy it!

I recorded a short video explaining the process and precautions of buying and selling Backlink. If you are not sure, you can ask to decide whether to buy or not.

Why does the number of Backlink displays of different SEO Site Audit analysis tools vary so much?

If you have used different Site Audit tools to analyze your own or opponent’s backlinks, especially those that are free, you will find that there are obvious differences when there are many backlinks. The following are the analysis results of 3 different tools on this website:


SmallSEOtools Backlink checker, Backlink report for, Lots of Backlinks

2) Ahref

Ahrefs Backlink checker tool, Backlink report for, lot of Backlinks

You can see that there are 162908+ links, and the number of Referring Domains is also different.

I once talked to a programmer who developed SEO tools in detail. It turns out that many SEO Site Audit tools in the market are mainly subscribed to one of the four major tool databases in the backlink analysis results.

According to UpperRank’s 2019 research, the accuracy of each tool is different, and the conclusion is

It is said that the update status of these databases will vary depending on the price and level of subscription. It is understandable that free tools will not spend a lot of money to buy the most expensive package. Therefore, it is very likely that the backlink information is out of date or not the most sufficient.

Why don’t these tools develop their own?

As far as I know, the four major tools actually have their own spiders. I go to different websites to find backlinks every day. The operating cost of this spider is actually quite high. General tools may not have this operational capability.

Therefore, if you want to have an accurate tool, the paid tool may be more efficient, and the free one can be used as a reference.

to sum up

The influence of backlinks on SEO is still considerable, so you must pay attention to the Link Profile of your website. More importantly, you have to understand what a high-quality back link is and a low-quality back link.

The advanced SEO courses I started recently is mainly about backlinks. Friends who are interested can find out if they are suitable for them!

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  1. I will suggest you link management software instead of Fiverr. I checked your article on the comment backlink in aherf. What I noticed is backlinks from google which are of no use in my view. if it is then please tell me.

    Check out link management because in this you can choose from thousands of websites in any niche.

    I have a request. Please advise me some SEO tip which you used to rank your comment backlink article.

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