7 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins in 2021

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Using your website’s contact form is now mandatory for both business websites and personal blogs. This feature makes it easy for you to communicate with website visitors. With a contact form or contact form WordPress, visitors can contact you more quickly and easily.

In addition, the contact form can improve the user experience of your website from various sides, including:

  • Availability
  • Your website is online 24/7, and customers come from many countries. Please don’t keep them waiting as you can only be reached during business hours. With the contact form, they can send you a message at any time and are just waiting for your reply.
  • Important Information
  • You can collect important information about customers. You can ask them to fill out a feedback form about your site, which can then be analyzed to improve the content’s quality.
  • Contact form security is quite effective at reducing spam in your inbox. You don’t need to provide an email address for customers to contact you. Specific tools can even prevent spam in your inbox.

There are many easy ways to create contact forms in WordPress. You can use the form that comes with the theme, use coding, or activate the WordPress contact form plugin. Here are some of the best options i’ve summarized if you want to use a plugin.

7 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

With so many choices of WordPress contact form plugins available, you might be quite confused to choose the option that feels the best. But don’t worry, I’ve listed 7 Best WordPress contact form plugins that you can try.

1. WPForms

This WordPress contact form plugin is perfect for novice users who want to use the ease of drag-and-drop tools. Bloggers or even business owners can use this plugin to customize the contact form on their WordPress site.

Some of the best features that WPForms has to offer are:

  • Instant notification
  • Once the user has filled in the form, the plugin will send you an email notification. This is important to help you respond more quickly.
  • Upload files
  • WPForms provides a feature to upload files because sometimes files like images can mean more than a thousand words. Just add an upload field to the form so customers can upload photos, PDFs, and more.
  • The
  • WPForms template provides built-in templates. Just add or customize the template as needed. You can add forms to offer, donate, or subscribe.

You can use the lite version of WPForms, which includes a multi-page contact form and features email subscriptions, payment integration, templates, and more.

If you have more budget, you can buy the premium version, which offers further support. The Basic plugin package is priced at $ 39.50 / year (a discount from the initial price of $ 79), and the Elite plan is $ 299.50 / year.

The Elite plan is perfect for developers and agencies looking to get advanced features such as unlimited sites, premium help, and client management.

2. Form Maker by WD

This plugin allows you to create an attractive and functional WordPress contact form to gather important customers’ information. FormMaker by WD is perfect for business owners and developers.

With this plugin, you can create various types of forms such as registration surveys, questionnaires with conditional fields, multiple-choice questions, and much more.

You can also take advantage of the plugin’s drag-and-drop feature at will.

There are 12 add-ons you can use to enhance forms. The following include:

  • Save progress feature so your customers can save unfinished forums.
  • The conditional Email feature allows you to send custom email notifications to multiple recipients according to the type of form sent.
  • Google Drive integration feature to store data on Google cloud storage.

More than 2 million users have downloaded this WordPress form plugin with a rating of 4.5. You can download it for free and take advantage of the built-in templates and some limited features.

You can also buy the premium version for $ 30 + to get 6 months of updates and support. They also have a special offer for $ 99 / year, with 12 add-ons and 50 premium plugins.

3. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is a WordPress form plugin powerful enough to quickly create a contact form. After activating it, you can immediately display a ready-made form on your site.

With this plugin, you can create custom forms with pre-defined fields. In addition, Contact Form 7 is also equipped with a captcha feature to reduce spam and supports AJAX for faster interactions.

Unfortunately, this WordPress form plugin will be confusing for beginners due to the absence of a form builder feature. This means that you must paste the shortcode into the WordPress editor to add a contact form.

4. Caldera Forms

Caldera Forms is easy to use and has a lot of features. The plugin is equipped with a visual editor, so you can make sure to display only the information you need.

This WordPress contact form plugin is available in a free version. However, if you want more advanced features, you can go for the premium version, which offers advanced email sending options, optimal help, and lots of other functionality.

This plugin provides a basic plan for $ 14.99 / month for a monthly subscription. You will get an unlimited number of forms, submission features, and anti-spam.

Alternatively, you can purchase an annual plan with prices ranging from $ 74.99 (Starter) to $ 549.89 (Agency). This yearly plan comes with various add-ons, such as:

  • Form submission in PDF format
  • Analytical data for received emails
  • Several add-ons such as Entry Limiter, Mail Template, Easy Query, and others.

Novice users can try the free version first before switching to the Starter plan for more benefits.

5. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms has more basic functionality than other similar plugins.

The free version is very mobile responsive and has a drag-and-drop form builder, which helps novice users. There is also the option to add form fields dynamically to minimize visual distraction.

The Premium version of this plugin is pegged at $ 49 / year, and the Elite plan is $ 399 / year. They both offer a variety of features, customer assistance, and more.

Some of the Premium features are:

  • Display
  • Provides a visualization of the data that has been collected and analyzed
  • Fill in forms automatically
  • With this feature, customers no longer need to enter their personal information manually every time they send a message to you.
  • Confirmation column
  • This feature requires customers to fill in the information twice as confirmation to avoid typos and other things that could be inconvenient.

6. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is available in a free version, but unfortunately, the features offered are quite limited. If you want to take advantage of additional features, the premium version is available for $ 499 / year.

This premium version of the WordPress contact form plugin offers customer assistance, regular updates for an unlimited number of sites, and various powerful add-ons.

The basic package of this plugin is priced at $ 29 / year and provides customer support, but unfortunately, the add-on has to be purchased separately.

Ninja Forms is a WordPress form plugin option that is very suitable for novice users because it provides a drag-and-drop builder feature.

Some of the advantages of Ninja Forms:

  • Forms can be arranged according to your wishes
  • Multilingual setup
  • Easy WordPress integration

7. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is arguably one of the best WordPress form plugins. However, unlike others, this plugin is not a free online form. Aka, it doesn’t provide a free version. But if you buy the paid version, this plugin will not disappoint.

Prices start at $ 59 / year for the Basic license, $ 159 / year for the Pro license, and $ 259 / year for the Elite license. With this plugin, you will get an unlimited number of forms and entries, conditional logic, a file upload feature, and much more.

You can also get add-ons like MailChimp and Slack, depending on the package you choose.


Those are some of our WordPress contact form plugins recommendations that you can try. This contact form is a mandatory tool that you should use on any WordPress site because it will make it easier for site visitors to contact you.

Creating a WordPress contact form is also not difficult because there are many best plugins for you to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Try it now and share your comments in the column below!

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