13 Best Google AdSense Alternatives for Your Blog in 2021

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Google AdSense is indeed the top choice for blog owners to get money from their blogs. Google AdSense is a best way to make money online. However, for various reasons – such as always being rejected when applying or wanting to get additional income – you decide to look for Adsense alternatives to make money from your blog/website.

Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right article.

Here we will review 13 of the best AdSense alternatives for your blog.

  1. AdNow
  2. MediaNet
  3. Propeller Ads
  4. Infolinks
  5. Revcontent
  6. Adsterra
  7. PopAds
  8. Evadav
  9. RevenueHits
  10. ylliX
  11. Bidvertiser
  12. PopCash
  13. OIO Publisher

We will explain the Adsense alternatives in full below.


13 Best Google Adsense Alternatives

Before we begin, let us remind you that the Google AdSense alternatives below are random. Everything is good. Just adjust it to your taste and type of blog.

Here are the best AdSense alternatives to make money from your blog/website in 2021.

1. AdNow

AdNow is a widget-based ad provider other than AdSense with the Native Ads type. This type is more effective and efficient because it can match the appearance of the website. It is starting from the type of font, font color to the form of the ad.

AdNow can also adjust the ad size depending on the device visitors use to access the blog. So, if the ad looks big on a computer, the smartphone’s ad display will still be small. 

AdNow tries to combine advertisements with blog or website content so that it can increase visitor engagement. Therefore, it is very suitable to be installed as an AdSense alternative if you want to increase visitor engagement.

Applying for AdNow also doesn’t require many conditions. You just need to make sure that your blog does not violate copyright or illegal activity. For example, spam, adware, malware, or adult content. Not complicated, right?

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Excellent features:

  • More than 1,700 registered advertisers. This number is still increasing, thus showing that AdNow can be trusted.
  • The submission process is fast and easy. Just make sure that the blog doesn’t infringe on copyright or have illegal activity.
  • It can be run with other advertising programs. So you can install AdNow with Google AdSense or with other AdSense alternatives.


  • Cannot filter ads.
  • Payments are sometimes late.

2. MediaNet

It can be said that MediaNet is the biggest competitor of Google AdSense. This is because MediaNet is run by Bing and Yahoo, which are also Google’s competitors in the search engine sector. 

However, that’s not all that makes MediaNet the biggest competitor of Google AdSense. MediaNet also has sophisticated advertising technology. Call it native ads, search, video display, and many others. 

MediaNet also has a very responsive customer support team. They are ready to solve your various problems quickly and are easy to follow. 

Installing MediaNet on your blog is also not difficult. You only need to enter the shortcode, and the ad will appear automatically. Oh yes, the ads displayed will also match the content of your blog.

So calm down. If your blog discusses cats, visitors will also get ads related to cats. Not an advertisement about whales, for example. The suitability of these ads also makes visitors feel spammy by irrelevant ads.

Excellent features:

  • It is guaranteed to be trusted. MediaNet is run by two giant companies, Bing and Yahoo, so that it is guaranteed to be reliable.
  • Very responsive customer support. They are ready to solve your various problems quickly.
  • Ads are relevant to the blog. No need to fear your blog’s unrelated obscure ads are spamming visitors.


  • Visitors need to double click on the ad for you to earn revenue.
  • Traffic mostly comes from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

3. Propeller Ads

In its eight years of existence, Propeller Ads has managed to gather more than 150,000 publishers in 195 countries worldwide. An achievement that cannot be underestimated for ad providers other than AdSense.

Propeller Ads also has a system that can bypass AdBlock. So, you don’t need to worry if visitors use AdBlock to don’t see the installed advertisements.

Propeller Ads already has a system for ad filters. Visitors will only see relevant ads. You can be sure that the ads that appear do not contain viruses. 

However, if there is a spam ad that gets through, there’s no need to panic because you can report it to Propeller Ads 24-hour customer support. Propeller Ads customer support will immediately remove the spam ad from your website then replace it with safer and more relevant ads.

Submitting Propeller Ads is also not difficult. You just have to register and wait for news of their acceptance. Once accepted, you can enter the Propeller Ads code on any page on the blog.

The types of advertisements from Propeller Ads also vary. Starting from push notifications, on-click ads, widgets, and many others. Many variations of ads are beneficial because you can experiment by placing various types of ads. Then, from there, you can find out which ones are most frequently clicked by visitors.

Excellent features:

  • The minimum withdrawal is 5$. Much more profitable than the minimum Google AdSense disbursement, which is $ 100.
  • Ad types vary. Starting from push notifications, on-click ads, widgets, and more.
  • Ad filter system. All ads that appear are certainly not spam and do not contain viruses.


  • The best performing ads are popunder and full-page ads. This type of ad provides an annoying experience for visitors.
  • Less income from other language websites.

4. Infolinks

Infolinks has 100,000 users spread across 128 countries. Info link also collaborates with several world-famous brands, such as Nike, Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook.

In Infolinks, there are various types of ads that you can choose from, namely InFold, InText, InArticle, and In-Tag. Whatever type of fish you choose will not spoil the blog’s look because Info link ads blend perfectly with your content.

The types of advertisements displayed to visitors can also vary because the Info link chooses a reasonably sophisticated AI. So, the ads that appear are guaranteed to remain relevant for each visitor.

Adding Infolinks to your blog is also simple. After the submission is accepted, you will receive a unique JavaScript added to the HTML of your blog. But keep in mind, if you use Google Analytics, make sure to enter the Infolinks script right before the Google Analytics code.

Excellent features:

  • Advanced AI. The ads that are displayed remain relevant to each visitor.
  • Ads are integrated with content, so you don’t have to change the look of your blog.


  • Google AdSense revenue is not as high.
  • Less revenue for websites in Asian countries, compared to Europe and America.

5. RevContent

RevContent is an alternative to Google AdSense that has high-quality ads. They dare to guarantee that their ads can increase engagement. Because RevContent has advanced technology and RevContent cooperation with world-famous brands.

Therefore, joining them was quite difficult. One of the conditions is that your blog must have 50,000 visits per month. In other words, RevContent is not suitable for small blogs.

However, many excellent features are not available in other Google AdSense alternatives if you make it through. One of them, personal account management that can help optimize ads so that your blog monetization can be maximized.

Oh yes, the ad appearance from RevContent is challenging to distinguish from your blog content, you know. Because the RevContent ad has a display like “next article recommendation.” With a display like this, visitors do not even know that it is a hidden advertisement.

Excellent features:

  • High-quality advertising due to advanced technology and collaboration with major world brands.
  • Personal account management so that it can help optimize your income.
  • Display ads that are difficult to distinguish from the content. This makes RevContent ads not disturbing the appearance and comfort of visitors.


  • Blogs must have high traffic to join.
  • The submission requirements are quite complicated.

6. Adsterra

Adsterra is the best AdSense alternative when it comes to popunder ads. However, Adsterra also offers other ads, such as video ads, push notifications, banners, and many others. These ads can run smoothly, both on desktop and from mobile.

A sophisticated third party system protects all types of advertisements on Adsterra. They can protect visitors from malware or inappropriate advertisements. However, if there is still malware that escapes or other essential issues, you can contact Adsterra via Skype for a quick resolution.

Excellent features:

  • The best alternative to popunder ads.
  • They have advanced third party protection. Visitors are free from malware or inappropriate advertisements.
  • Skype help for a quick fix.


  • Minimum disbursement of $ 100.
  • Not suitable for small traffic blogs because of the high disbursement of funds.

7. PopAds

Much like Adsterra, PopAds is also the best AdSense alternative when it comes to popunder ads. PopAds also provides advertisements in popups, tabs up, tap under, and many others. No less attractive, at PopAds, you can also adjust the frequency of ad appearance so that visitors don’t get bored seeing ads continuously.

Oh yes, one other advantage of PopAds is that you can withdraw payments every day. Provided you manage to earn more than $ 5 per day. Fortunately, PopAds has an ad network that can reach visitors in more than 50 countries. So, you can get more traffic quickly.

Excellent features:

  • Specializes in popunder ad types.
  • Reaching visitors in more than 50 countries.
  • Daily payment, as long as you earn more than $ 5 per day.


  • Visitors generally don’t like popunder ads.
  • Ads are not relevant to the content on the website.

8. Evadav

Evadav is a new player in the advertising platform. However, this did not prevent Evadav from being included in the list of the best AdSense alternatives. This is because the push notification ad from Evadav is one that cannot be underestimated.


Because you will continue to earn money as long as visitors – who have agreed to receive push notifications – interact with advertisements from Evadav, in other words, if a visitor clicks, opens, or even closes the ad, you will get revenue.

Evadav also guarantees that all types of advertisements they display are safe because they have been selected beforehand.

Excellent features:

  • Evadav’s push notifications ad is one of the best.
  • Ads that have been selected so that they are safe and of good quality.


  • Not told which ads are performing poorly.
  • It’s still new, so there aren’t many ad variations.

9. RevenueHits

Founded in 2008, RevenueHits is slowly gaining a reputation as one of the best AdSense alternatives. This is all due to RevenueHits’ smart and sophisticated system that can study the ads on your blog.

The system analyzes and compares RevenueHits ad types with your blog content. Then, the system can choose what types of ads are optimal for running on your blog. 

So, the type of ad you get will also vary depending on the blog content’s content. Starting from popups, banners, widgets, and so on. Very sophisticated, right?

Excellent features:

  • A sophisticated ad analysis system so you can determine what type of ad is suitable for your blog.
  • Disbursements start at $ 20.


  • Outdated user interface.
  • Confusing dashboard for new users.

10. yllix

ylliX is a Google AdSense alternative that offers a young registration system. Besides, this one AdSense alternative also has a deficient disbursement policy, which is only $ 1 per day. Very far from Google AdSense, which minimum disbursement is $ 100.

The submission process is also easy and fast. You just have to register, and the account will be activated immediately after the registration is complete. You don’t have to wait days and worry if your application is not accepted.

The types of advertisements offered by ylliX also vary. Starting from popunder ads, layer ads, full-page ads, and many others. All types of advertisements provided by ylliX also support desktop and mobile devices.

Excellent features:

  • Minimum disbursement of 1 $. Very low compared to Google AdSense with a minimum of $ 100.
  • Easy and fast submission. You have finished registering, and the account is active immediately.
  • Variations in the types of advertisements offered. Starting from popunder ads, layer ads, full-page ads, and many others.


  • Although the minimum disbursement is $ 1, it is difficult to achieve it due to the low rate of ylliX.
  • Ads are not user friendly.

11. Bidvertiser

Again, this is a Google AdSense alternative with a hassle-free submission process. You can immediately accept Bidvertiser as long as the blog does not violate general provisions. For example, it contains spam, adult content, or scams.

With Bidvertiser, you can target ads based on keywords or from the location of the visitor. But unfortunately, the ads displayed on your blog are not necessarily relevant to the blog’s content.

However, you should not immediately discourage using Bidvertiser just like that. Even though the ads are irrelevant, they are high-quality, high-performance ads owned by Bidvertiser. So, the chances of ads being clicked on by blog visitors are still high.

Besides, these advertisements are also monitored 24 hours by Bidvertiser. So even though it is irrelevant, the ad is still clean and free from viruses.

Excellent features:

  • Easy and fast submission.
  • Quality ads with high performance.
  • Advertisements are monitored 24 hours so that they are guaranteed free of viruses.


  • Ads are irrelevant.
  • Display performance reports that don’t provide data from impressions and CTR.

12. PopCash

PopCash offers an advertising system that is different from ad providers other than AdSense in general. They limit the appearance of ads on your blog. Each visitor will only see one ad every 24 hours.

Indeed, this can limit your income. However, the system can provide a better user experience. This is because visitors are not only presented with advertisements every time.

PopCash also provides low minimum disbursement of funds. You only need to get $ 10, and the money can be withdrawn via PayPal. 

Excellent features:

  • Ads do not always appear, thus maintaining the user experience.
  • The minimum withdrawal is $ 10.


  • The appearance of advertisements is limited, so that income will also be limited.
  • “Pop” type ads are often annoying to visitors.

13. OIO Publisher

OIO Publisher is a Google AdSense alternative that is different from the other AdSense alternatives in this article. Why is that? There are two reasons. First, you have to spend money to register. Then second, you must intervene yourself to find advertisers.

It’s a little troublesome. However, OIO Publisher can generate the most revenue compared to other AdSense alternatives, you know, because you have the right to save 100% of the money from these advertisements.

Installation of OIO Publisher is also easy. Because besides offering PHP scripts, OIO Publisher also provides plugins for WordPress.

Excellent features:

  • Entitled to save 100% of income.
  • Easy installation with available WordPress plugins.


  • I need to spend money to register.
  • Have to intervene yourself looking for advertisers.


There are not many Google AdSense alternatives that you can use? So, if your Google AdSense application is rejected, don’t be discouraged. Just use one – or several – of the AdSense alternatives above so, you can still earn money from blogs.

Even so, if you feel that income from Google AdSense is still lacking. You can combine one of the AdSense alternatives above with Google AdSense that is already running.

However, combining various kinds of AdSense alternatives alone doesn’t guarantee your income will increase, you know. You also have to pay attention to the amount of traffic coming to the website. The more traffic, the higher the chance that visitors will click the ad.

Well, you can increase the amount of traffic by applying SEO techniques.

To close this review, we’ll give a little summary of the critical features of each Google AdSense alternative:

  • AdNow – trusted with more than 1,700 registered advertisers.
  • MediaNet – very responsive customer support.
  • Propeller Ads – types of advertisements vary.
  • Infolinks – ads are integrated with content, so you don’t need to change your blog’s look.
  • Revcontent – high-quality advertising due to cooperation with major brands in the world.
  • Adsterra – the best choice for popunder ads.
  • PopAds – paid per day as long as you get more than $ 5 per day.
  • Evadav – the best choice for push notifications ads.
  • RevenueHits – a sophisticated ad analysis system, which allows you to determine the appropriate ad type.
  • ylliX – minimum disbursement of $ 1
  • Bidvertiser – ads are monitored 24 hours so that they are guaranteed virus-free.
  • PopCash – advertisements do not always appear, thus maintaining the user experience.
  • OIO Publisher – entitled to save 100% of revenue from advertising.

We hope this Google AdSense alternatives article can help your blog. See you in the next article!

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