5 Content Optimization Tools To Improve SEO Strategy in 2023

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Getting higher ranks on the search engine is the desire of every webmaster. But very few get success in this. The reason is that they focus on the necessary factors that are needed for ranking the site.

There are numerous elements for it, and the top among them is search engine optimization (SEO). That means you need to optimize the content as per search engine requirements.

You can’t get traffic on the page with lengthy articles unless it is properly optimized. Numerous elements are considered in content optimization. These can be related to the uniqueness of content, image optimization, length of the article, and better keyword research.

To follow these techniques, you need to get help from online tools as they can provide you with better suggestions and help in making the content unique.



This article will talk about the best online SEO tools that can help you refine the SEO strategy and get better rankings on the search engine.

5 Top Tools That Can Help In Content Optimization

You need to follow several elements to enhance the quality of content. For it, you have to get help from the tools that can make it better.

Here we will discuss some important online tools that can help optimise the content and make it best for ranking on the search engine.



1. Keyword explorer

SEO is all about keywords. So, you have to work on it and use the right keyword to get you more audience on the page.

It all can be done with the help of keyword explorer, as this tool provides you with a list of keywords that can be used in the content and rank better.

Users can get numerous advantages from this online tool and improve their research. This will directly lead to enhancing the quality of content. Here are some useful features that you can get from this online tool and polish the SEO.

  • Review the results based on SERP: When a user uploads the keyword in this online tool, it provides him with hundreds of results. These are all based on the SERP. The word that is ranked on the search engine will be shown at the top.
  • Check keyword difficulty: This online tool also tells the keyword difficulty of a word. It gives an idea to the writer of how much time it will take to rank that particular content.
  • Analyze the volume: Users can also check the volume of keywords and how much audience is falling on search engines with that specific keyword.

2. Word counter

Making the content length is not enough unless you make it relevant and grammatically perfect. It will help optimise the content and make it more informative for the readers.

To reduce the length of the content and make it more attractive, users can get help from an online word counter. It tells a total number of words and characters along with paragraphs in the content. Here are some top benefits that users can get from this online tool.

  • Show the word and character count: When you upload the content to word counter online, it shows the total words and characters present in the lines. This gives an idea to the user about the content length.
  • Highlight the grammar mistakes: The best element of this online tool is that it highlights the grammatical mistakes that are present in the content. Users can remove those issues and make them more fluent.
  • Text size variation: Users can also increase or decrease the size of the text in this online tool. It allows you to change the size of text with just one click.

3. Plagiarism Detector

To make the SEO better and rank on the search engine, it is necessary to keep the content unique and avoid copying the data of others.

Sometimes, a person may make some unintentional mistake and use the lines of other authors. So, it is necessary to check for plagiarism in the content.



Users can go for an online plagiarism checker as it can detect every single line copied from other articles. Let’s dive deep and talk about the top features that users can get from this online tool.

  • Match the lines with different resources: When a user uploads the content in this online tool, it checks every single line on the search engine and matches it with multiple resources. The lines that match with other sources get highlighted.
  • Show the percentage graph: When it highlights the plagiarized lines, it also provides a graph of the percentage from where the users can get an idea about the uniqueness of content.
  • Provide the source of plagiarism: The tool also provides the source of plagiarism from where the content was copied. Users can check that site and make changes in the content to give it a unique look.

4. Content quality checker

Although a person may have removed all the issues from the content and made it perfect for readers, still there may be chances of mistakes like fluency or relevancy of content.

To check these elements, users can go for a quality checker that figures out every mistake in the content. Here we are going to talk about the top features that users can get from this online tool and make it fully optimized.

  • Increase the readability: Providing the audience with content that is full of mistakes will distract them and make it difficult for them to understand the intent. When you upload the article in this online tool, it will give you suggestions that can be improved, and you can increase the readability of the content.
  • Make the lines fluent: Fluency is another important element that you must focus on as it will make the content optimized.  An online quality checker can be quite a handy option as it will highlight the lines that are not easy to read. Users can improve the lines and increase the fluency of text.
  • Identify relevant terms: To make the lines easy to read and understand, it is quite important to add relevant ideas that could justify the author’s thoughts. This online tool looks for this element and figures out the lines that disturb the relevancy of content. Once you remove those lines, the content becomes easier to read.

5. Image compressor

Using informative images in the content that is relevant to the topic can help you get more audience on the page. But the other thing that is also necessary to remember is that the images should not be much heavy.

To decrease the size of images, you all need to get help from an online image compressor. When users upload the files in this online tool, it lessens the size of the image.

You can get numerous features in this online tool. Let’s get into the details and talk about the best features that can be accessed in this online tool.

  • Reduce the size of the file: To increase the speed of your page, it is quite important to upload the picture in less size. Therefore, you have to compress the size of the image, which can take less time to load. For that, the user can go for an image compressor as it can cut the size of the image. The new file could be 80% to 90% less in size and thus becomes easy to load.
  • Supports multiple formats: One more benefit that users can get from this online tool is uploading all the files without concerning the format. The online image compressor provides you with the facility to upload all the files as it supports every format. So, users can get this benefit from this online tool.
  • Compatible everywhere: There is no need to stick to one device or browser for using this online tool. The reason is that you can get access to this tool on any platform. No matter whether you are using a mobile phone or PC, and no matter which browser you are using, this tool can be opened everywhere, and you can get all the features of this tool to improve the SEO strategy and get more traffic on the page.

Bottom Lines

It is not easy to optimize the content without using online tools. The reason is that you can’t detect the mistakes that you make in the content concerning SEO.

Therefore, you have to go for the online SEO tools. You can refine the content and make it so that it can up rank on the search engine.

For the ease of users, we have discussed some important tools that can be helpful in the optimization of content and making it more worthy.

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