Top 10 Indian Bloggers [+Earnings & Earning Sources] 2023

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Want to know who the top 10 Indian Bloggers are and the names behind their successful Blogging history? What is their story then? Will this post tell you about the Top 10 Indian bloggers and their earnings in 2023?

We will also tell you their earnings and how much money those people earn from this Blogging Carrier. If you are thinking of becoming a successful blogger after listening to their story, you get some inspiration from this.

By the way, I tell you that many names in India fall under the category of successful bloggers. However, we will inform you of the top 10 Indian Bloggers, whose blogging passion was overwhelming that they only listened to their minds and all their invitations to blogging.

Furthermore, today they have become so famous bloggers that new bloggers take inspiration from them and learn from them only. If they talk about their earnings, then they are earning in lakhs. Suppose we say that there so revenues alone, Blogging or Adsense, it would be wrong.

In addition to blogging, Youtube, and Affiliate Marketing may have substantial earnings, but he made a Beginner Carrier blogging.

Top 10 Indian Bloggers of 2023

Here is the Top 10 Indian Bloggers And Their Earnings in 2023.

S. No.Blogger NameBlogEarning/mo

So let us know briefly about the Top 10 Indian Bloggers of 2023 & Their Earnings.

1. Amit Agrawal

Amit Agarwal founder of

Amit Aggarwal, called the father of blogging, was born on February 5, 1977, in New Delhi (India). Amit Agrawal is known as the number 1 blogger in India. He is from a business family and has been interested in technology since childhood. After 10th, he started at Computer Science IIT Roorkee.

Moreover, after that, Amit worked at Goldman Sachs in 2004, and his Salary was also excellent.

But he felt that the blogging phase is very golden in the future, and he has technology and software for blogging. If there is useful information, he left his Goldman Sachs job. Became a Full-Time Blogger, and started a blogging career.

In 2004, he started his blogging journey from, where Amit used to write technology and software blogs. At that time, bloggers made money by blogging. Due to not having much competition, they got an excellent Startup found, and their website is called a good start.

Blogger NameAmit Agrawal
Age40 year
Monthly Earning$60,000 (Estimated)
Earning SourcesSponsored articles and affiliates.

2. Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agarwal founder of

In 2008, Harsh Agarwal completed his graduation in Engineering, started a job in Accenture company like others, and started Blogging in his free time. He slowly started liking blogging and gave more time to blogging.

He used to do his work on Within 3 to 4 months of blogging, he started getting good results, and his work started getting praised by people. Now people were getting to know him, seeing that Harsh started his blog named in 2009.

While working at Accenture, he learned a lot about blogging, and eventually, he chose Blogging between Accenture and Blogging and then started spending all his time on blogging. At that time, there was no website like ShoutMeLoud so that he could write such blogs. I was inspired by those who get to learn by reading.

However, in July 2009, he had an accident, and the doctor instructed him to stay in bed for seven months, then what would Harsh do while lying on the bed? Then he got full-time to blogging; that incident became a life-changing event.

Harsh Agrawal saw his greatness, and soon lakhs of visitors started coming to his blog, and people started recognizing him now. Soon his subscribers began to grow and grow, and his number increased to 1 million.

And when he shared the revenue generated by Blogging with his subscribers, millions of new bloggers got inspired by him. I also got inspired by him.

Blogger NameHarsh Agarwal
Monthly Earning$40055
Earning SourcesPaid reviews, sponsored articles, and affiliates.

Have a look at the interview with Harsh Agarwal:

3. Pritam Nagrale

Pritam Nagrale founder of

In the list of top 10 Indian Bloggers next is, Pritam Nagrale was born in Kota, a city in Rajasthan.

His childhood studies took place in Kota. After that, he completed his engineering studies at LIT Nagpur and then moved to Mumbai. Though Pritam Nagrale started his first blog in 2004, he used to work online and earn an online income, including Affiliate Marketing.

And many such online websites were also linked.

On his website, he keeps sharing online Earning and money Saving information, in which he also gives information about earning money online. Today his website is also in a good position.

If you talk about Alexa’s Ranking, Globally Rank is 54,103. While India’s Ranking is 4088, they have another website called “surejob.In” and on this website, Pritam writes his blog on online jobs.

If you talk about the sure job, then the global ranking of this website is 33,224, whereas the Indian ranking is 2,314.

Blogger NamePritam Nagrale
Monthly Earning$25,000 a month
Earning SourcesPaid reviews, sponsored articles, and affiliates.

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4. Shradhha Sharma


When it comes to Shradhha Sharma is the name of the top female bloggers in India, has described success stories you Successful logo runs the website name, YourStory.

In this, you will also get interesting information about the upcoming character in the news.

Shraddha Sharma previously worked on CNBC TV18 and Times of India. She has worked in the post of Assistant Vice President at CNBC TV18 and Brand Advisor at the Times of India.

After 2008, she founded and started working full-time dedicated to blogging, and today he writes Judy Storia, a prominent industrialist, and startup. On this blog of Sradhha Sharma, you will find more than 60,000 such stories. Read Shradha Sharma’s Wikipedia.

Her passion for blogging today brought her to the point that today she is a known name in the blogging world and works with a whole team; her team consists of 5 to 6 bloggers.

If we talk about the Alexa Ranking of its website, the global rank is 7280 while the Indian rank is 519.

Blogger NameShradha Sharma
Monthly Earning$5000
Earning SourcesPaid reviews, sponsored articles, and affiliates.

5. Anand Khanse

56-year-old Anand Khanse exemplifies that only the younger generation cannot earn money by blogging. Anand is from Pune. Anand started his blog in 2009 called TheWindowClub. He addresses the Windows Operating System users’ problems and freeware software such as Windows Tweaker and FixWin Windows.

Let me tell you that you have more than 80 pieces of freeware on Anand’s blog TheWindowClub.

Anand’s early blogging career was also not so easy. He also saw many ups and downs but kept on doing his work and did not leave blogging today. His website is proving to be a boon for Windows OS, which provides online resources. Today on Anand’s website, you will find over 80 freeware of Windows.

Talk about Alexa’s Ranking, and Global Rank is 3218 while Indian Rank is 1394.

Blogger NameAnand Khanse
Age56 year
Monthly Earning$8,000
Earning SourcesPaid reviews, sponsored articles, and affiliates.

6. Nandini Shenoy

nandini shenoy founder of pinkvilla

Another name that is successful in the blogging world is Nandini Shenoy, who runs a website named Pinkvilla.

She did her studies in India, and then after her graduation, she went to the USA and completed her further studies from the same one who holds a master’s degree. You will be surprised to know that they operate this blog from America.

In 2004, he got a job at Microsoft and was very interested in Bollywood News, Entertainment and Fashion. She started a blog about this topic, which he began in 2007, which he named Pinkvilla, and this blog today.

Support has been found for someone in a business who likes to blog together or start.

In 2007, she started working with her husband on Pinkvilla’s website, and she also started getting praise for her work. In 2009 she quit her job, and now she started working on her website full time, firstly she got traffic to the website.

Then It was 2008 when his website started becoming famous since Sonam Kapoor’s party photos went viral. Pinkvilla is an English website, and later he established his website in Hindi, also called hindereth. Thus, two of their websites are currently running on the Internet.

Now let us talk about Alexa Ranking, hindirush’s global rank is now 93,321, and Indian rank is 5,849, while Pinkvilla’s global rank is 10,026, and Indian position is 1,011.

Blogger NameNandini Shenoy
Age32 year
Monthly Earning$25,000
Earning SourcesPaid reviews, sponsored articles, and affiliates.

7. Arun Prabhudesai

Arun Prabhudesai founder of

Arun Prabhudesai is the founder of He has done civil engineering when it comes to his studies.

Despite working in a different field, he worked in the IT industry since 1996, and Arun spent more than ten years in this field and then moved to the USA. Arun is fond of photography. When Arun returned to India, he wanted to do something different, and he would do something on his own.

He started a blog called, on May 1, 2007. On this blog, you will keep your focus on India’s startup, entrepreneurship, and business trends and Start blogging, and his blog sometimes shows topics of Tech and web 2.0.

His unique approach to things is

Arun also has a Youtube Channel called Trak. On Tech Youtube, which is very popular in India, you get information about technology and gadgets and various tech news videos on this channel.

If we talk about the Alexa Ranking of, the global rank is 44,570 while the Indian rank is 2,962.

Blogger NameArun Prabhudesai 
Blog/WebsiteTrak. in
Monthly Earning5-6 lakhs per month
Earning SourcesPaid reviews, sponsored articles, and affiliates.

8. Jignesh Padhiyar

Jignesh Padiyar founder of iGeeksBlog

The next name from the list of top 10 Indian Bloggers is Jignesh Padiyar. The founder of iGeeksBlog, iGeeksBlog founded by him, is the only blog in India based on Apple Products.

In this blog, you will find blogs on the subject of iPhones, iPad, and MacBook Pros.

Jignesh was joined by Dia Dhanish Adhia in founding iGeeksBlog, the CEO of both Apple, and was heavily influenced by the late Steve Jobs. As a result, he decided to write about his company’s products.

If we talk about the Alexa Ranking of “igeeksblog, then the global rank is 23,352 while the Indian rank is 12,380.

Blogger NameJignesh Padiyar
Monthly Earning$13,000
Earning SourcesPaid reviews, sponsored articles, and affiliates.

9. Aseem Kishore

aseem kishore founder of online tech tips

Aseem Kishore graduated from Emory University in 2002 with degrees in Computer Science and Maths along with graduation. In 2007 he got the idea to start a blog and open a website called Online-Tech-Tips.

He got a good response on his blog OnlineTechTips, and in 2010, he quit his job and started full-time blogging. In his blog, you get to see articles about computers, technology news, software reviews, and computing tips.

More than 3000 articles will be read on the topics of Windows, and Database.

Before 2007, he worked in the IT field for almost 15 years, then he thought of blogging, taking his favorite topic, and then started the blog with complete preparation. Initially, there were some difficulties, but he did not give up and started wholeheartedly.

Moreover, their website Alexa Ranking Global is 13,892, and their Indian rank is 8,690.

Blogger NameAseem Kishore
Age36 year
Monthly Earning$12,000
Earning SourcesPaid reviews, sponsored articles, and affiliates.

10. Sourav Basak

Sourav started his career in the IT industry in the year of 2007. He has worked in many IT companies and after gathering knowledge and technical abilities it becomes an easy task for him to invent something that is delivering and we call it a service.

He a software engineer and a professional blogger by hobby belonged to a middle-class family in Kolkata but had a passion for technology and blogging.

In 2015, he started his blogging journey from, mainly focused on business, technology, digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, etc. He has another two blogs i.e. and

The revenue comes from contextual ad platforms like Google Adsense, direct ads and selling guest posting, and social media bookmarking services.

Now let us talk about Alexa Ranking, is now 49K globally, and the Indian rank is 13K.

Blogger NameSourav Basak
Age36 year
Monthly Earning$4000
Earning SourcesSponsored articles and affiliates.

FAQs on Top 10 Indian Bloggers of 2023 + Their Earnings

Who is India’s number 1 blogger?

Amit Agrawal is known as India’s number-one blogger and the founder of He started his blogging journey in 2004. And and CTRLQ.ORG are like big websites owned by him. He earns an estimated $60,000 monthly earning from blogging.

Who are the top fashion bloggers in India?

1. Komal Pandey
2. Sejal Kumar
3. Kritika Khurana
4. Masoom Minawala
5. Aashna Shroff
6. Gia Kashyap
7. Shaurya Sanadhya
8. Aayushi Bangur

Who are the top 10 female bloggers in India?

1. Jane Sheeba
2. Harleena Singh
3. Shiwangi Shrivastava
4. Chitraparna Sinha
5. Nirmala Santhakumar
6. Shalu Sharma.
7. Shraddha Sharma
8. Malini Agarwal
9. Lasya k Elizabeth
10. Jyoti Chauhan

How much do bloggers earn in India?

In India, a blogger can earn anything between $100 and $10,000 per month. On average, a typical blogger earns around $300 – $400 a month. However, if the blogger is more experienced, then he/she can earn up to $3000+/month. Top bloggers in India earn between $20,000 and $30,000 a month.


Today you learned about the top 10 Indian bloggers of 2023 and their earnings. Who earns a lot from their blog, and if you are thinking of starting your blog, you can take inspiration from their personal life.

If you know any Indian bloggers that I have not added to this list? Tell us about his name and blog to add it to my post and include it in this list.

I hope you will like this article, the list you have shown, and we have created it based on the earnings of or Adsense. If you see something lacking in this, then you must tell us.

How did you like this list of the Top 10 Indian Bloggers and their earnings? Tell us by writing a comment to have a chance to learn and improve something from your thoughts. To show happiness and enthusiasm for my post, please share it on social media.

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