5 Best Adsense Friendly Blogger Templates of 2021

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I know that there are many bloggers in India, and they create their blogs with Google’s platform, Blogger.com. And most Indian bloggers make money through Google AdSense. Therefore, here I will list the 5 best free Adsense friendly Blogger templates.

If you are currently new to blogging, you can read the following guide on → Make a Complete Free Blog on Blogger.com.

To have the best blogger template, you need to choose a blogger template that loads fast, is built with clean code, and also has several areas of proper ad placement, and generates lots of clicks.

Apart from that, the best blogger template must also have a good appearance so that it enhances the user experience, and the UI (User Interface) plays an important view that determines the proper design of your blog with visible text to provide a good experience for visitors who come to read articles on your blog.

As we all know, AdSense is the easiest way to monetize your blog with niche websites, magazines, and news. However, it does not require technical skills for regulation.

But this is only possible if you have the right AdSense-friendly blogger template for your blog.

As you know, AdSense is well known for paying good CPC / PPC networks due to its high popularity and high competition between advertisers. If you are just starting blogging on Blogger, I highly recommend you choose an AdSense-friendly blogger template.

Well, the bottom line is SEO and AdSense go hand in hand, which illustrates that you can easily get ranked and make a lot of money with AdSense CPC from organic traffic.

In this post, I have compiled a list of the best free Blogger templates AdSense friendly, which are well designed and offer a tremendous and challenging user experience with a good codebase.

5 Best Adsense Friendly Blogger Templates

1. SEO Boost

SEO Boost is the best and free AdSense-friendly blogger template for you to download. This blogger template has a clean and sleek interface and is fully compatible with AdSense.

SEO Boost is suitable for those of you who have a niche in lifestyle, travel, technology, fashion, gaming, food blogs, health, sports, travel, technology, business, and entertainment websites.

If you are talking about Google AdSense, you can see a number of options for placing your AdSense ad units. Also, the SEO boost AdSense-friendly blogger template will help you get fast and easy approval when registering for Google AdSense.

If you are looking for a blogger template that looks minimalist, then you don’t need to look any further. The SEO Boost blogger template has a minimalist and clean design. It has been adjusted and optimized according to user needs.

This best blogger template for AdSense has the following features:

  • SEO friendly & responsive
  • Ad area ready
  • Slide show & social bookmark ready
  • Email subscription
  • Widget
  • Page navigation
  • AMP Ready
  • Compatibility across all popular browsers.

2. SEORocket

SeoRocket is the best free blogger template for Google AdSense. You may be wondering why this AdSense blogger template has such a name. Yes, this theme is made with a highly optimized SEO framework to compete in the search engines, and it loads really fast.

And this is undoubtedly very good for your blog site. In addition, this template deserves to be called an AdSense template, which is a design that has several potential ad units places to increase revenue from AdSense.

SeoRocket follows the latest SEO trends and guidelines and is equipped with the following features:

  • Tag meta
  • Perfect On-page SEO
  • Clear cache
  • Perfect page speed
  • Clean code
  • Responsive design
  • AMP Ready

3. Top Magazine

Top Magazine is the best free blogger template that is AdSense friendly and very much in demand by most blogger users. This theme has a web design layout to display article-rich news & blogs.

However, you can see options like dropdown menus, tab-ready widgets, post thumbnails, premium but free features, and many other premium features when it comes to design.

This AdSense-friendly top blogger magazine template is quite profitable and looks premium. It also features several strategic areas to place your AdSense ad units.

Top Magazine comes with many features such as the following:

  • Responsive
  • Ad ready
  • Fast Loading
  • 3 Columns
  • SEO Optimized
  • Compatible browser
  • AMP Ready

4. Flexzine

Flexzine is undoubtedly the best AdSense-friendly blogger template you can find, which is entirely free. This AdSense-friendly blogger template has a great combination of black and white color combination even though the background remains white, which helps your readers to see the words you are typing easily.

Start with the best free flexzine for the AdSense blogger template, which consists of many layout options displayed in the template.

AdSense flexzine friendly blogger template for anyone who wants a modern and clean design. Ideal for Magazine, news, or blog websites.

It comes with a fully responsive design that fits all screen types. On top of that, the template features a gorgeous-looking background with minimal color combinations to match any niche or topic.

Create a minimal and straightforward blog using Flexzine, which has the following features in it.

  • Simple, fast loading
  • Responsive
  • SEO ready
  • Retina ready
  • Browser compatibility
  • AMP Ready

5. Fastest Blogger Template

Fastest Blogger is a free, fast-loading AdSense Blogger Template that loads pages in no time. It is very different, and the template is very well designed.

And keeping the official blogger widgets intact helps you create a unique responsive blog that fits perfectly into any screen size or device.

Because it takes less time, this theme is ideal for smartphones, which allows you to attract mobile users.

This blogger template is ideal for businesses, companies, blogs, personal websites, or any other site type. Best suited for blogs like niche, food, reviews, howTo, movies, criticism, DIY, tutorial blogs, institutes, exams, banking, etc.

It is a highly optimized theme that outperforms other available templates for bloggers. It comes with a minimal and straightforward-looking color scheme of red, black and white, which can be adjusted via the blogger dashboard very easily.

The Fastest Blogger template features are as follows:

  • SEO Ready
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Ready Ads
  • Email Subscription Ready Widget
  • AMP Ready


Your blog design is something every visitor sees and stays on the hook for 10 minutes. It doesn’t matter how many visitors you have on your blog, and it is a matter of pride to have a beautiful blog appearance.

When your blog can generate lots of clicks and income from AdSense, it is undoubtedly even more extraordinary. Therefore, choosing a fast, SEO-friendly blog template and attractive design and optimized for ads is a must. And above is a list of the templates you need.

Most of the AdSense-friendly blogger templates on this list are inspired by premium WordPress themes which will offer you a completely new look and design.

AdSense is the best method to make money online, and it is simple for simple websites like blogs, specialized websites, magazines, news, and businesses.

We wish you the pleasure of reading the best free AdSense-friendly blogger templates article. Let me know in the comments column to show which one you like and can optimally increase AdSense revenue on your blog.

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