Dedicated Server Hosting: What Is It + Best Dedicated Server Hosting in 2023

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Many website owners starting their web hosting journey prefer shared hosting. In the beginning, shared hosting plans are good to go option because they are ideal for hosting small-scale websites. But what if the website grows and generates high traffic on it? Users will require a high-performing server with a good quality hosting infrastructure. 

Managed Dedicated servers and Linux VPS Hosting are the best options because they support the remarkable growth of websites and meet security parameters to safeguard them. If you are a first-time user hearing about this dedicated server, you might have many questions. What is it? Why would you require it? To make your task simpler, below, we have compiled a post.

Know All About Dedicated Server

As the name depicts, a dedicated server is a server that is dedicated entirely to the single hosting account user. Unlike other hosting servers, it contains enterprise-grade hardware resources that maximize the performance of mission-critical applications. Due to this, there is minimal latency and higher uptime of web projects and files hosted on dedicated servers.

There is no sharing of resources CPU, RAM, and disk space in dedicated hosting servers with other hosting account users or noisy neighbours. Web hosting providers also use other phrases like bare metal servers or unmanaged dedicated servers. It is because users’ web files and databases are enclosed in physical hardware. Hypervisors’ duty is to abstract the physical hardware hence named bare metal server. 

With the help of dedicated hosting servers, organizations or website owners meet high performance and task speeds of websites and applications. Also, they gain full root control over servers. With no cap on server resources, users have the freedom to use dedicated servers to host as much applications or websites they want. Mainly, such servers help host resource-heavy web projects with no performance issues.

If you want more details about when you can use such servers, let us read more info about details.

When to Opt for Dedicated Servers?

1. Looking for A Better Performance of Websites/Applications

When website owners are looking to maximize the performance of website and application, dedicated servers are the best option to prefer. As there are no hosting resources shared among different users, the entire server resource will host web files of a single user.

There will be no extended downtime or hosting-related issues with more storage space, latest generation processors, and maximum CPU cores. Only the point you need to consider is to make the smart choice by choosing a reliable web hosting provider. 

2. Enhanced Security Level

Unlike other hosting plans like shared, cloud, and others, there is always a chance of a security loophole. It is only because server resources are shared among different users. So, there is always a chance of data loss, intrusion activities, and malware attacks

Hence, with dedicated servers’ users get an additional level of security by SFTP, SSL, and full root SSH access. Moreover, no outside hosting user can intrude on dedicated hosting servers or try to hack them. That is why enterprises worldwide host websites and applications on dedicated servers only to secure their database.

3. Good Hosting Infrastructure 

Why use different servers to host different size applications? Try dedicated servers if you have emails, VPN applications, websites, and others to host. With maximum storage space and higher bandwidth, and fast SSDs, such hosting servers can host volumes of mission-critical web projects without any performance issues.

Therefore, investing in different hosting servers, it is better to pay for one server and enjoy the optimal hosting infrastructure of others.

4. Reliability

Many website owners face challenges in terms of performance and technical issues while getting massive traffic on their websites. As a result, server crashes or users face technical errors while accessing websites. To eradicate this problem, choose dedicated servers because they have reliable hosting resources to manage high-volume traffic on websites.

Whether we are talking about cost margins or the type of server you want to host, there are many types of dedicated servers, so choosing one that will suit your needs can be overwhelming.

How Many Types of Dedicated Servers Are Available?

Mostly, there are only two types of dedicated servers that are used widely by website hosting users.

Managed Dedicated Servers 

As the name suggests, this type of dedicated server is configured by the web hosting provider, and its maintenance and all other technical aspects are also managed by the same. The web hosting provider looks at several responsibilities like operating system and control panel issues or hardware setup. 

Data migration, backup and security patches are all that look after the web hosting service provider only. They also manage the standard functionality of the server and resolve technical glitches if they occur. Managed dedicated hosting servers are available at additional costs. However, pick the right web hosting partner so that there is no compromise on quality standards while hosting websites and applications. 

Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

Unlike managed dedicated web hosting servers, data security and configuration management are managed by the hosting account user only. Remember that every server comes up with a certain configuration, operating systems, control panels and other related hosting infrastructure.

And if users have a sample amount of technical expertise, they can easily prefer unmanaged dedicated hosting plans. One good point is that unmanaged dedicated servers are comparatively less in cost because users are only paying for the hosting infrastructure and not for using the human resources and expertise of the web hosting provider. Therefore, many web hosting providers offer unmanaged dedicated hosting plans by default. 

For How Many Purposes We Can Use Dedicated Servers 

1. To Host Large Scale Websites

So far, you might have understood that dedicated servers help host websites. In fact, dedicated servers will suit their hosting requirements for websites that are gaining high traffic in more volumes. As dedicated servers have advanced processors and more RAM and CPU cores, resource-heavy projects can’t face extended downtime while hosted on dedicated servers. If you were finding an excellent alternative to VPS and shared hosting, just go for dedicated servers.

2. Dedicated Servers for Email Hosting

Many businesses have professional emails for their in-house communication purpose. But the major question is how will they host such emails. It is the fact that such email messages contain sensitive information that requires top-level security. So, users require a server with no chance of security loopholes, and it should come up with malware protection and others. Dedicated servers are the answer, and reliable ones come up with SSL encryption to safeguard all databases hosted at servers.

3. Forex Trading with Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers come up with specific configurations to host mission-critical tasks. Forex trading applications are also mission-critical applications that require heavy resources of servers. None other than dedicated servers will be helpful in hosting forex trading applications. Even account holders of forex trading applications can make smooth transactions without experiencing any technical glitches. 

4. Multimedia Content

Much multimedia content requires more storage and server resources. With dedicated servers, users get fast SSD storage, CPU cores, maximum storage space and fast processors to eradicate any kind of performance issues of multimedia content. Therefore, many video streaming firms dealing with multimedia content leverage dedicated servers to power up their content performance. With minimal latency and higher uptime, it is a good one to host multiple multimedia contents.

Where Can I Get Dedicated Servers?

Approach web hosting providers and sign up for their dedicated hosting plans. But whom to approach? We have mentioned a few web hosting providers’ names.

1. MilesWeb

MilesWeb is the leading web hosting provider offering reliable web hosting services. They offer enterprise-level dedicated servers only at Rs. 6,999 per month. Their servers come up with:

  • Free SSL encryption
  • Fast SSD storage
  • Guaranteed uptime 99.95%
  • Top-notch server resources to host unlimited websites


IONOS is a web hosting provider offering dedicated servers with advanced security technologies and other features.

  • It does not provide server resources to host unlimited websites
  • They charge on an hourly basis, which can hamper the billing process

Final Take

Do not ignore dedicated web hosting servers when you want to host resource-heavy projects. MilesWeb offers a good quality dedicated hosting server with top-grade performance and top-grade server resources. Such servers are good for hosting extensive applications with minimal latency and optimal performance.

Choosing a dedicated server might be an expensive deal for your hosting requirement. However, always remember that do not to ignore financial margins and technical requirements before purchasing the dedicated server. Look for a reliable dedicated hosting service provider like MilesWeb that offers affordable web hosting plans without compromising quality standards. Get intel Xeon Processors with an excellent hosting infrastructure to host multiple websites and domains. So, do not wait for any more if you are looking to host a mission-critical website. Just on board the dedicated server and get optimal performance through it.

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