Best Settings for All in One SEO Plugin (Begginers Guide) in 2021

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You will already know that it is widespread in SEO to rely on tools of all kinds that make your work more comfortable, and we are sure that you use more than one to work daily on your web projects or those of your clients.

One type of tool that you can use is a plugin, and today we want to talk to you about one of the most popular, All in One SEO Pack for WordPress. In this post, you will learn about the best settings for All in One SEO plugin.

The All in One SEO plugin configuration for WordPress is quick and easy, so with just a few steps, you can have your website ready to position itself in the first positions of Google search results. However, you have to know how to do it well, and that is what we are going to teach you in this post.

When you have correctly configured the plugin, you will see an improvement in your website’s SEO. We recommend that you do not miss a single comma of this post.



Quick comparison All in One SEO with SEO Yoast

We know that, when it comes to SEO plugin, All in One SEO has a well-known rival in the field: SEO Yoast. Both are very popular with SEOs worldwide, and you often find debates about which is better. We will give you a quick comparison between both plugins, although the ideal is that you try both and decide for yourself. 

Regarding the installation process, both are very simple and fast. The difference appears when facing the initial configuration since while SEO Yoast offers a small tutorial that makes the process more intuitive, the All in One SEO plugin can be more intricate (although in this post, we are going to show you that it’s not like that)

All in One SEO Pack for WordPress offers excellent support, and although most users have enough with the free version, it never hurts to have the option of premium technical support that can save your life on more than one occasion. SEO Yoast also has a premium version with features that you can usually find even in the free version of All in One SEO.



Yoast SEO premium price increases with each website you add while All In One SEO hosts unlimited websites.

Regarding SEO On-Page, it is true that Yoast SEO offers more configuration options when creating content. Still, All in One SEO allows you to make initial configurations that avoid filling in these sections if you do not need it. Although it doesn’t analyze content as thoroughly as Yoast, All In One offers advanced tools to control search options and indexing.

As you can see, deciding on one or the other is based on how you prefer to work on specific aspects of your website’s SEO.

Best Settings For All In One SEO Plugin – 2021

Surely you want to configure All in One SEO to position your website like a PRO, so we will tell you what you have to do to achieve it. The first thing you have to know is that this plugin is already fully translated into Spanish, so if you don’t get along too well with English, you no longer have to worry.

We will explain the plugin’s general settings, and below, we will go into more detail to offer you a complete tutorial. Although you see many options in this section, we will go one by one, and you will know that it is not that complicated.

So here are the best settings for All in One SEO plugin.

Canonical URLs

We recommend activating this option if you have content on your website that is repeated or very similar so that Google knows that it should not apply penalties. In this way, search engines will understand that what it is about is a set of pages with similar but related content. For example, it is an essential option if you have e-commerce since very similar products will have different URLs.



No pagination in canonical URLs

This option is closely related to the previous one and serves so that the different URLs do not have their pagination. Thus, they all remain under the canonical URL numbering, so you continue to protect your website from duplicate content.

Enable custom canonical URLs

Thanks to this option, you can determine what you want the canonical URL to be in a specific way. When you activate this box and optimize a post or a page, you will have the opportunity to choose the canonical URL.

Use original title

Usually, this option is activated when All in One SEO conflicts with other plugins that affect the titles of the posts and the pages. Usually, the problems consist in that the titles cannot be rewritten, so, in case you need the other plugin, we recommend that you activate this box to avoid complications.

Use markup

We usually recommend having this option activated, but if for some reason you prefer not to insert the codes, you have to uncheck it (we will talk a little more about and the rich snippets below).

Record important incidents

Record important incidents option serves so that the creator of All In One SEO knows what errors and incidents may be happening in their plugin. If you leave it checked, you will be helping to correct those errors and improve the plugin. You will not have to do anything else, so it is recommended that you activate this option for the benefit of all of us who use it. 

Complete tutorial: use and configuration of the SEO plugin

We have already seen how you have to configure the most general aspects of the All in One SEO plugin, so now we will get into the matter with other matters to pay a little more attention. Do not be overwhelmed by all the options you will see, and try not to skip any section unless you have things obvious.

The configuration of the All in One SEO plugin is simple if the following steps are followed:

Cover Settings

  • Cover title: here, you have to put the title as you want it to appear in Google results.
  • Cover description: write a short text in which you include your keywords (but without going overboard), which describes your website.
  • Instead, use the static page: do not activate this option if your home page is your blog posts.

Title settings

This is one of the configuration sections that can overwhelm you with all the options it has, but, in reality, it is one of the least complicated. You have to indicate what structure you want your pages’ titles and posts to have or leave the default models.

Here are the best title settings for All in One SEO plugin in 2021.

  • Rewrite Titles: Enabled
  • Home Page Title Format: %page_title%
  • Page Title Format: %page_title% | %blog_title%
  • Post Title Format: %post_title%
  • Category Title Format: %category_title% | %blog_title%
  • Archive Title Format: %archive_title% | %blog_title%
  • Date Archive Title Format: %date% | %blog_title%
  • Author Archive Title Format: %author% | %blog_title%
  • Tag Title Format: %tag% | %blog_title%
  • Search Title Format: %search% | %blog_title%
  • Description Format: %description%
  • 404 Title Format: Nothing found for %request_words%
  • Paged Format:  Part %page

Let’s go to our next setting.

Custom input type settings

This section allows you to improve SEO in the types of personalized posts you have on your websites, such as a portfolio or a sales page. In short, it refers to the positioning of all kinds of content that are not pages, posts, or multimedia.

Display settings

Thanks to this option, you will view the settings you have been making up to now on your pages and post. You can see this information in the administration panel or the administration side or top bar to better visualize.

Webmaster verification

Don’t skip this section! You must connect All in One SEO with Google Webmaster Tools or Google Search Console, and it is what you will have to do at this moment since it will allow you to index your web page, both its sitemap and the content. Also, you can connect the plugin with other search engines if you are interested.

Google settings

This section is directly dedicated to Google since, after all, it is where we all want to position our web projects. Therefore, here you can configure and detail everything related to Google and your website.

Show site search box

If you activate this option and Google approves it, you will achieve that; when your website appears in the search results, they will show the search box so that users can search your website from the SERPs.

Set the preferred site name

This option is straightforward since it is merely about overwriting your web page’s default name by which you want it to appear, your preferred site name.

Google Analytics ID

To offer an even more detailed and precise service, All in One SEO needs to access your website’s data that Google Analytics collects. Therefore, you need to link this tool with the plugin in this section.

“No index” settings

Thanks to this option, All In One SEO allows you to control which pages of your website Google can reach and which ones it cannot. For example, it wouldn’t make much sense for Google to index category URLs or contact page URL.

Keyword settings

If you have a good keyword strategy, you will not need to activate these options too much, but it will never hurt if you want to mark them.

Use categories/tags like “meta keywords.”

These options allow you to use your categories and tags as keywords on your website, but we don’t recommend activating it since Google could penalize you if there is an overuse of keywords. Remember that it is not fair to fill everything with keywords if it does not make sense or is not natural.

Dynamically generate keywords for page and post file.

If you activate this option, you will have help when setting the keywords for your website since what it will do is detect which keywords you include in your content, whether they are pages or posts.

Advanced settings

Here you will find some exciting options apart from the general settings like “Never shorten long descriptions.” Still, in general, we only recommend modifying them if you are an advanced user who knows what you are doing. Otherwise, it is better that you leave everything as it is.

WordPress Editor with All In One SEO

A part of the All in One SEO configuration is in the editor when you create content, be it a post or a page. You can leave these options blank as they fill in, but if you have any preference about the title, description, or another aspect for that specific content, it is time to apply it.

Features manager

This section allows you to add functions to the All In One SEO plugin by default. Not all of them are directly related to on-page SEO, but they are still interesting. Some of best settings for All in One SEO are:

  • XML maps. This module is used to manage everything related to your XML maps.
  • Social Goal. Here you can customize the appearance of the links you share on social networks.
  • Robots .txt . Allows you to manage robots.txt files from WordPress
  • File editor. You can edit the robots.txt and .htaccess file from within WordPress.
  • Import & Export. From this module, you can import and export the settings you make in All In One SEO.
  • Malicious bot blocker. It is responsible for blocking both malicious bots and those that consume resources.
  • Performance. Change the performance parameters of the plugin and show you technical information about it.
  • Video Sitemap. It allows creating a sitemap.xml file only for videos, although this option is only available to All In One SEO premium users.

Configure All in One SEO Woocommerce

SEO is also essential in e-commerce, and it has some specific aspects to attend. One of them is duplicate content that appears when you have several sheets of similar products (for example, the same pants but in different colors). That is solved with the canonical URLs, as we have explained a little above.

You would have to name one of those pages as a canonical URL so that the rest will be grouped under it since Google would understand that it is content related to each other but not duplicated.

All In One SEO is the only SEO plugin whose free version is compatible with Woocommerce and other e-commerce sites.

Thanks to the option that All In One SEO has to modify the custom post types, you will adapt each product and category to improve its presence in Google search results. You would only have to activate that option, already explained a little above.

Of course, if you want to specify some more specific details of Woocommerce regarding SEO, you would have to access the premium version. You could handle options such as modifying the SEO title, the description, and the social media options of your products in the same way that it can be done with the posts and regular pages.

Optimize rich snippets with the All in One SEO Plugin

Rich snippets are elements that mark the content of a website and information about it. In this way, Google can understand what data it obtains when you read a website, something that, as you will realize, helps a lot to its positioning.

They are not an element to which much attention is paid despite their importance but, luckily, in All In One SEO, you have a very simple way to optimize them thanks to the option that allows you to activate the markup.

Once you have done it, you can tell Google what your social networks are, if you are an organization or a person, the name and logo if you represent an organization, the telephone number, and the type of contact. The plugin will take care of the rest by analyzing your website’s content, significantly improving Google’s information from your project.

Conclusion – Best Settings For All In One SEO Plugin

As you can see, this plugin’s name is not exaggerated since it helps you control various aspects of SEO related to your website, including SEO On-Page, that you can apply as you create content. Just follow above given best settings for All in One SEO plugin.

Besides, All in One SEO’s advanced settings meet the expectations of that SEO with more knowledge without this, meaning that a non-specialist in the field cannot configure the plugin satisfactorily. Any user can install this tool and benefit from its options to improve the positioning of a website.

Having this plugin installed is seldom going to cause performance or incompatibility problems as it does with others to rest easy in that regard. You know: try the plugin for a season, configure it following our instructions and then come and tell us what you think.

We hope you like our guide of Best settings for All in One SEO plugin. Please share it on social media.

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