Top 8 WordPress Plugins To Insert Header And Footer Scripts

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WordPress is one of the most loved content management systems. It was released in 2003, and 42% of the top websites use this technology. It is based on the popular PHP language and follows a plugin and template architecture. 

In WordPress, the templates are often called themes, and they are readily available on the Internet. Themes consist of front-end designs and other items that are user-facing. These themes can be customized with a variety of plugins and other things to create a bespoke WordPress website

Plugin development and usage is a massive part of the WordPress ecosystem, and there are thousands of plugins available in the market. If you are looking for the top WordPress plugins for header and footer, you are at the right place.

Going forward, we will understand what a WordPress plugin is and what header footers are. After understanding the basics, we will also discover the top eight WordPress plugins. So let’s get started. 



What are WordPress Plugins?

Plugins are ready-to-use code pieces that can be plugged into your existing WordPress website to enhance functionalities and features.

Plugins provide a way to add new features without writing new code and allowing you to create virtually any kind of website, there are various free and paid plugins available in the market that can help you to develop an effective website.

People use nulled WordPress themes & plugins on their website which disturbed the website and may cause harm to the website. 



Having known about WordPress plugins, let’s understand what headers and footers in WordPress are.

What are Headers and Footers in WordPress?

WordPress websites follow a layout where the page is divided into multiple areas, and they all serve a specific purpose. A WordPress website’s header is the region at the top of the page.

It generally includes the website logo and primary navigation elements, although it may also include account settings, social networking connections, and search functions.

As the header is situated on the top of the page, a footer is the bottom section of the page. A footer area mostly contains things like privacy policies, copyright, navigation to different pages, credits, and many other things. 

By now, we’ve discussed everything about plugins, so let’s discover the top eight WordPress plugins for header and footer. 

Top 8 WordPress Plugins To Insert Header And Footer Scripts

1. Insert Headers & Footers

Insert Headers & Footers is one of the most useful WordPress header and footer plugins. It allows users to include helpful header codes on any of their websites.

Furthermore, it gives a centralized option for easily managing your headers and footers. It simplifies a difficult procedure requiring a slew of various plugins and completes it all in one go.



Features of this plugin are:

  • Easy to Get Started: This is a free plugin, and due to this reason, it is easy to get started using the plugin. You can just download the plugin, follow the installation guide, and you’ll have a plugin ready to use.
  • Support For Different Codes: Insert header and footers plugin allows various types of HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, and web analytics code to be inserted in header and footer areas. 

2. Ad Inserter

This is an excellent plugin for adding adverts to your website. Ad Inserter is a fantastic method to have access to advanced advertising options. This plugin also includes option to add header scripts.

It accepts several sorts of adverts, including Google AdSense, ads, Amazon Native Shopping Ads, and others.

Features of this plugin are:

  • Wide Ad Support: Ad inserter is a plugin to insert ads in your website. Due to this, it supports a wide variety of ads from different ad service providers. 
  • Custom Styles and Alignment: Ad inserter plugin allows you to add different custom styles and alignment options to ensure that your ads look unique and provide excellent styling to your website. 

3. Elementor Header & Footer Builder

Elementor is one of the best WordPress themes, and there is a header footer builder for it. It’s a fantastic plugin since it allows you to add code snippets to your header and footer areas for specific articles, pages, or other content.

It is perfect for scripts such as Google Analytics conversion tracking code and other page-specific JavaScript.

Features of this plugin are:

  • Good Binding With Elementor Themes: The elementor header & footer builder plugin works great with WordPress’s most popular theme elementor. If you are using an elementor theme on your website, you’ll indeed have an easy time implementing this. 
  • Lightweight and easy to use: This is a lightweight plugin, so it does not slow down your website. Moreover, it is easy to use, and it has plenty of documentation to ease down the integration of features. 

4. Header Footer Code Manager Plugin

One of the top header footer plugins for a WordPress website is Header Footer Code Manager. It has a simple interface for adding snippets to the header and footer. It also allows you to put snippets above or below your page text.

The plugin allows you to find which snippet is loaded and where it is displayed on the page. 

Features of this plugin are:

  • Snippet Monitoring: This plugin allows you to monitor, manage, and understand everything about your code snippets. It provides an easy way to find which snippet is loading, when, and where it is loading on the page. 
  • Unlimited Scripts: Apart from allowing you to monitor the scripts, this plugin also lets you have unlimited scripts on your page. This means that you can have a collection of header and footer scripts stored, and you can decide which one to use and when to use it. All the other scripts can be simply put aside for later usage. 

5. Tag Manager

Tag manager is another fantastic WordPress plugin that allows you to include scripts in your website’s header and footer.

You may use this plugin to insert code and snippets for services such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Adsense, and Facebook Pixel into your website.

You can also use this plugin to easily insert meta tags and other data into your headers and footers.

Features of this plugin are:

  • Easy To Use: Tag manager has significant documentation and support that makes it easy to use. Moreover, the plugin helps you inject HTML and CSS code into your website very quickly. 
  • Web Analytics Support: Web analytics is essential, and tag manager developers have understood this well. There is in-built support for adding web analytics code for Google Analytics and multiple other web analytics tools.

6. Woody Code Snippets

Woody code snippets is a basic yet effective header and footer plugin for WordPress websites. This plugin, like the other header plugins we’ve examined, allows you to include Facebook pixels, image tags, scripts, and a variety of other things.

This plugin’s standout feature is the ability to show or hide code snippets using sophisticated conditional logic. This plugin is available in both free and paid versions. You may use the plugin on two websites for $19.

Features of this plugin are:

  • Conditional Logic: One of the best features of this plugin is the conditional logic for code snippets. With the right sort of conditional logic, you can hide and show your code snippets with ease. It can also help you customize your code based on different conditions. 
  • Feature-rich Code Editor: The plugin comes with a feature-rich code editor that supports syntax highlighting. Moreover, the code editor also helps you add or export code snippets so that they can be used elsewhere. 
  • Wide Ads Support: If you are looking to place ads from multiple places on your website, this is a great plugin. It helps you insert advertisements from Google Adsense,, Yandex, Amazon Native Shopping ads, etc., without much configuration and customization. 

7. HT Scripts Pro

HT scripts pro is a WordPress plugin that allows you to inject Javascript codes into the header and footer of your website without impacting the theme code. You may also include Google Analytics, Facebook pixels, Custom CSS, and Custom HTML.

This plugin allows you to add any custom code to your theme’s header/footer without having to alter the theme code. It will save you time and eliminate the need for theme updates.

It comes in two versions, free and premium, and there are differences between the features you get in both the features. The plugin is priced at $10, so everyone can afford it for their websites. 

Features of this plugin are:

  • Easy to use: Being a premium plugin, it is pretty easy to use with the extensive documentation and support given by the team behind this. No matter what you want to implement using this, there are examples to get it done in the documentation itself. 
  • Option for Unlimited Scripts: Alike other plugins on this list, this plugin also provides an option to use unlimited scripts on the page. You just have to configure them correctly, and there is no limit on the count of scripts you can add using this plugin. 
  • Google Analytics Code: Google Analytics helps in a lot of marketing analytics and web traffic analytics. By linking your WordPress website to it, you can do lots of analytics and understand more about your web traffic. This plugin provides a way to add google analytics code to the website with utter ease. 

8. Stax Header

Stax is another effective WordPress header builder on this list. The most significant advantage of utilizing Stax is that it provides a front-end drag-and-drop visual interface for creating page headers.

With this plugin, you can get a live preview of the header and quickly swap between numerous layouts and device types to make your designs consistent from the start.

Features of this plugin are:

  • Live Preview: Stax provides a live preview of designs so you can have better feedback on what you are building. This ensures that your feedback loop is smaller, and you can roll out websites in a shorter time span. Moreover, the live preview feature allows you to see changes in real-time without publishing the website every time you make a change. This feature ensures that your live website is never altered while you make changes. 
  • Easy Switching: Stax’s live preview feature is quite powerful, allowing you to switch between multiple layouts during development easily. Easy layout switching helps designers and developers understand how the website looks across device types, and they can fix responsive issues during the development time itself.
  • Unlimited Headers and Deleted Items History: Stax allows you to create unlimited headers in your WordPress website. This means that you can have multiple types of headers for the same website, and they can work effortlessly. Stax helps in changing backgrounds, typography, border, custom styling, and many other things for a header in your WordPress website.

Moreover, it also offers a deleted items history feature which saves deleted items somewhere so you can recover them quickly.

This feature comes in handy when you are trying out different things in your WordPress website and, at some point, you think of reversing back to a particular header style.


There are several header and footer plugins available, and it is critical to select one that is appropriate for your WordPress site. Many of these plugins are free and come with good support.

Others offer unique features such as script loading and mobile responsiveness.We have discovered some of the best header footer plugins for WordPress websites, so get started with these and modify your existing WordPress headers with something exciting. 

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