What is SEO Hosting? Best Hosting for PBN – 2020

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For some time now, people have started talking about SEO hosting as a hosting alternative to the usual hosting, which we know forever. The concepts “hosting” and “SEO” does not seem to make much sense together, but we are going to explain what SEO hosting is and why you are interested in knowing about it.

What is SEO hosting?

SEO hosting allows you to have several websites with different IP addresses but on the same server.

This detail is essential because when you create a blog network under the same IP, Google will penalize you if you try to link them since it considers that this feedback is not a good practice.

As you can imagine, this penalty translates into a fall in the positioning of all web pages that share IP since Google will consider that you have tried to “trick” it into raising positions in the SERPs.

On the contrary, a standard hosting will group the same server’s web pages under the same IP, thus making it clear that they all belong to the same person and putting the project at risk by creating a link building between them.

Until now, the most practical solution seemed to be to hire different hosting so that each web page had its IP, but, as you can imagine, the cost is too high if you have a good number of blogs.

Little by little, the best companies begin to introduce the option of SEO hosting among their plans, so when you think about launching your PBN (Private Blog Network) or blog network, make sure that the provider can provide you with this service you will save money and problems.

Advantages of SEO hosting

  • Faster positioning of your PBN web pages
  • Linkbuilding between your websites without penalties from Google.
  • Share visits and users between web pages
  • Management of all pages from the same control panel

What is a PBN (Private Blog Network)?

A PBN is more than just a network of blogs owned by the same user. In general, it is a set of web pages that are linked to each other through a link-building strategy that helps their positioning,

PBNs are also known as “money sites” precisely because that is their ultimate mission: monetization. These are usually web pages with monetization based on Google Adsense or Amazon Affiliates; Hence, it is crucial to raise the ranking.

By linking them with each other, there is a transmission of authority that makes the newly created benefit from those that have been online for longer. A proper link building strategy can make a PBN shoot up to the top of Google’s results.

As we have said above, this strategy is not to Google’s taste. Therefore we have to create our PBN in an SEO hosting and not in a conventional hosting where all the pages would have the same IP pointing to the same owner, betraying the move to Google.

Class C IP

You must make sure that the IPs that SEO hosting offers you for your PBN are class C. If you look closely, an IP is made up of four groups of numbers that are known as A, B, C, and D., interestingly, the IPs of the web pages of our PBN are differentiated in group C so that Google does not detect our blog network.

Cloudflare and Whois

These two services can help us further privatize our blog network regardless of the possibilities SEO hosting offers us.

Through its panel, we can access the DNS settings. In this way and by generating new DNS through Cloudflare, we can replace the server sets by default, making the IP even more challenging to track.

On the other hand, a private Whois will protect our identity so that no one can know who is hiding behind the blogs that make up our PBN. Of course, you have to know two things: a court order will force you to provide the data even if you have a private Whois, and you cannot apply it to a .es domain.

That does not mean that one or more of your blogs have this domain, and thus, your PBN is still more disguised.

The best SEO hosting: Raiola Networks

We wanted to leave until the end of what, for us, is the best option: the SEO hosting of Raiola Networks. It is no secret that Raiola is one of the favorite hosting providers for users, whether to host a personal blog or to set up real business projects that require many more resources.

The balance between the quality of its services and the price of its plans makes Raiola an accessible option that will make your life very easy when managing your web project.

Raiola has focused on SEO projects from the beginning, so they have taken this step to combine this experience acquired in hosting with the appropriate technology to host each web page on a different IP.

Besides, it has the most popular panel currently WHM (Web Host Manager) from which we can control several cPanels in the same hosting.

The union of Raiola’s SEO hosting, together with the WHM panel, makes the independence between your web pages so much that if one is hacked, the others will not be affected at all.


As you can see, the most straightforward plan already allows you to have up to 10 IPs, that is, ten pages that will function as independent websites and that Google will not be able to trace to find out that they have the same owner.

Your PBN or niche network will be perfectly safe, thanks to Raiola’s SEO hosting. To further mask the trace of your web pages, we recommend using Cloudflare to get custom DNS.

If you doubt which plan is the most suitable for you, you can contact Raiola experts directly for advice. If you need to expand services in the future, you can quickly scale your plan.


  • NVMe SSD drives
  • Customer service 24 hours a day, every day of the year
  • Different IP’s of class C and geolocated in Spain
  • Money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results
  • Even SSL certificate, something significant if on your web pages, you request personal data for a newsletter, for example, or if it is e-commerce.
  • Automatic backups
  • Free migration of your websites from other hosting providers
  • CMS installer like WordPress or Joomla so you can start managing your projects in just a few minutes

How to choose the best hosting for SEO?

Although there are not too many companies that offer the possibility of hosting your websites in SEO hosting, we believe that it is useful to know the main characteristics that must be optimal for the results.

  • Class C IP addresses. We have already mentioned that the main difference between SEO hosting and conventional hosting is the possibility of having different IP addresses for your web pages. However, the most important thing is that they are class C so that they do not have ranges too close and cannot be detected.
  • Unique DNS records for each IP. If you use the same rDNS for all IPs, search engines may detect your blog network. Therefore, you have to verify that the SEO hosting company offers you unique DNS.
  • They have specialized control panels. Good SEO hosting has to make it easier for you to manage your websites, and for this, one of the best panels is WHM ( Web Host Manager ) and the well-known cPanel. Both are complete but, at the same time, easy to use as they are very intuitive.
  • Loading times. Make no mistake, if you have created a PBN, you are interested in positioning, and for this, all your web pages must have a minimum loading time.


If you are thinking of creating a blog or PBN network to monetize them, it is best to hire SEO hosting since conventional hosting will only penalize Google for using your websites to upload rankings.

Remember that the main difference between SEO hosting and regular hosting is that the former assigns different IPs to each web page while regular hosting hosts all your web projects under the same IP, letting Google know that they belong to the same owner.

Luckily some companies begin to offer this service among their hosting plans, so choose the one that best suits your needs and embark on the adventure of creating your own PBN, avoiding problems and risks.

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